3a. Microfiche (Always Purchased): Fixed Fields

Enter values for the original monograph or serial according to the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format. In addition, enter values for the microform following these guidelines:

Basic guidelines (see the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format for more detail):

Form of item b (microfiche)
007 Select Microform
Specific Material Designation e (microfiche)
Original vs. Reproduction Ignore. (If a value has been entered for derived copy cataloging, leave value as is.)
Positive/Negative Aspect a (positive)
b (negative)
Dimensions m (11 x 15 cm., standard microfiche size)
Reduction Ratio Range a (low; reduction ratio less than 016)
b (normal; reduction ratio between 016-030)
c (high; 031-060)
d (very high; 061-090)
e (ultra high; over 090)
Reduction Ratio "Generally, the specific reduction ratio is recorded when it is ultra high (code e in 007/05). If the ratio is not ultra high, recording the specific ratio is less essential. The numeric value of the reduction ratio, using three digits, is right justified with leading zeros (e.g., 015, 048). A hyphen is used for unknown digits in the reduction ratio (e.g., 03-, 1--, or ---). Three fill character (|||) are used when no attempt has been made to code this data element."--MARC 21. If the reduction ratio is not explicit, use range code u and hyphens rather than |||
Color b (black and white)
c (multicolored)
m (mixed)
Emulsion on Film a (silver halide) (use as default)
u (unknown)
Generation c (service copy)
Base a (safety base; use for pre-1980 production)
p (safety base, polyester; use for post-1980 production)