1b. Microfilm Reproductions (Purchased): Variable Fields

Identifier fields: 010, 020, 022, etc. Do not copy from the original record.

040: Enter as

040     ‡a CtY ‡b eng ‡c CtY <do not enter ‡e rda>

Retain 041 and 043. Do not create 042 pcc.

050 _4 Copy ‡a only.

Descriptive fields

1. 245, 250, 260, 300, 490: copy as found in the catalog record for the original. For 246, use either 246 _1 or 246 31. Do not include any 246 ‡i notes that are manifestation-specific, e.g. 246 _1  ‡i  Cover title: ‡a ...

2. Do not add ‡h [microform]

3. Do not re-tag 260 to 264. If the copyright date is used in the original record's ‡c, use the date with lowercase "c"

Content designators

Add 336, 337, 338 for content, media, and carrier type. Subfield codes are optional.

336     ‡a text ‡b txt ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a microform ‡b h ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a microfilm reel ‡b hd ‡2 rdacarrier

533. Make a 533 note for the reproduction. 533 first and second indicators are blank.

The following subfields  are the ones most commonly used. For a full listing of the subfields, check MARC 21 Bibliographic Format.

Code Definition
‡a Type of reproduction (i.e. Microfilm)
‡b Place of reproduction
‡c Agency responsible for reproduction
‡d Date of reproduction
‡e Physical description of reproduction __ reels ; ___ mm.)
‡f Series statement of reproduction
‡m Dates and/or sequential designation of issues reproduced
‡n Note about reproduction

 ‡7  Fixed-length data elements of reproduction. Subfield 7 is always the last subfield in 533. Subfield 7 contains fifteen character positions (0-14)

Note: when cataloging directly on OCLC enter ‡7 information/codes in separate variable field 539. Field 539 is only used in OCLC; it is not MARC standard. When cataloging in Orbis, do not use field 539; enter the data in 533 ‡7. Records uploaded from Orbis to OCLC have ‡7 converted to 539 as part of the batch load. Records exported from OCLC have 539 converted to ‡7. See Bibliographic Formats and Standards for data entry guidelines when cataloging on OCLC. In OCLC, 539 is always entered directly after 533.

‡7 Character Position Definition
0 Type of date/publication status (for monographs use s or m; for serials use c, d or u)
1-4 Date 1 (for monographs use date of reproduction found in |d of 533; for serials use original beginning date of publication of the issues that have been reproduced as indicated in |m of 533)
5-8 Date 2 (for monographs use 4 blank spaces if no second date of reproduction found in |d of 533; for serials use original ending date of publication of the issues that have been reproduced as indicated in |m of 533)
9-11 Place of publication, production, or execution (use country code for the reproduction)
12 Frequency (for monographs use n; for serials use code that indicates frequency of reproduction)
13 Regularity (for monographs use 1 blank space; for serials use code that indicates the regularity of the reproduction)
14 Form of item (use a)

Access Points

1. Include relationship designators for creators only: 100 1_ ‡a Smith, John, ‡d 1955- ‡e author.

2. If a series is traced, use the same form as the original series added entry.

3. Other access points: copy as found on the bibliographic record for the original. Modify to current form if the current form is readily available. (Backstage should be able to flip established AAPs to the current form)