1e. Microfilm Reproductions (Purchased): Example

Divinity copy, revised.


Label Code Notes
Type of Record a Language material
Bibliographic Level m Monograph
Encoding Level 1 Full level, material not examined
Cataloging Form i ISBD punctuation (not "a")


Select tab microform.

Label Code Notes
Specific Material Designation d Microfilm reel
Positive/Negative Aspect a Positive
Dimensions f 35 mm - Microfilm
Reduction Ratio Range a Low reduction
Reduction Ratio 014  
Color b Black-and-white
Emulsion on film a Silver halide
Generation c Service copy
Base of Film a Safety-base, undetermined


Mandatory fields

Label Code Notes
Publication Status s Single date
Date 1 1951 original date
Date 2  blank  
Place of Publication nyu original place of publication
Form of Item a Microfilm 
Language eng English
Cataloging Source d Other

Variable Data Fields

Comment: 040: add ‡b eng but no ‡e rda. 050 _4: only ‡a. 100: add relationship designator ‡e. 245: No ‡h microform. 260: do not retag to 264 _1; leave copyright date as is.  300: AACR abbreviations as is. 336-337-338: added; subfield codes are optional. Added ‡7.

040     ‡a CtY-D ‡b eng ‡c CtY-D ‡d CtY
050   4 ‡a BV43
100 1   ‡a Monks, James Lawrence, ‡e author.
245     ‡a Great Catholic festivals / ‡c by James L. Monks. <no ‡h [microform>
260     ‡a New York : ‡b Henry Schuman, ‡c c1951.
300     ‡a 110 p., [8] p. of plates : ‡b ill. ; ‡c 23 cm.
336     ‡a text ‡b txt ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a microform ‡b h ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a microfilm reel ‡b hd ‡2 rdacarrier
490 0   ‡a Great religious festivals series
500     ‡a Includes index.
505 0   ‡a Christmas.--The Epiphany.--Easter, its background.--The grandeur of Easter.--Pentecost.--Corpus Christi.--The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
533     ‡a Microfilm. ‡b Washington, D.C. : ‡c Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, ‡d 1986. ‡e 1 reel ; 35 mm. ‡7 s1986    dcun a   
650   0 ‡a Fasts and feasts ‡x Catholic Church.


MFHD service copy

852 8 0 ‡b lsfdiv ‡h Film ‡i B2500

MFHD for printing master (in most cases purchased microfilm is positive copy only)

852 8 0 ‡b lsfdivr ‡k Suppressed ‡h Film ‡i ND71 ‡x Printing master negative