Library Collection Services

Refile Exceptions

The refile program works from a file of barcodes re-shelved/refiled at the LSF that day.  The program checks Voyager for an in-transit status.  If it finds one, the program then clears the in-transit status.  The purpose of this program is to eliminate the need for the LSF staff—who do not have access to Voyager—to discharge each item returned before re-shelving it at the LSF.

The following error/exception may be reported as a result of an item being refilled/re-shelved at LSF:

A. Error Message: No in transit found for: 39002009964819 (charged)

  • Problem:

This can indicate one of several problems: 1) the item is still charged to requesting patron and was never discharged; 2) the item still has an active hold, indicated by a status of either “In Transit On Hold” or “On Hold” and was never discharged upon receipt or wasn’t charged to requesting patron; or 3) the item was not discharged before returning to LSF and there was no hold placed in the Voyager system, indicating a breakdown in the request procedure.

  • Resolution:

If problem is the result of cause 1 or 2 above, resolution is complex. If the item is no longer needed to satisfy a request, then the owning library must cancel the request from the patron record, and then manually discharge the item from the correct circ desk (either LSF or LSFR).  If the steps in the cancellation process are not performed in the correct order, more problems may arise and the item will be, for the time being, ineligible for future requests. If the problem is the result of cause 3, no action needs to be taken. The owning library, however, should attempt to discern if the request was been made outside of Voyager and why (did staff or the patron, for example, encounter some difficulty when placing the request?).

  • Prevention:

Train/re-train staff as appropriate. Keep “offline” requests to a minimum.

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