Library Collection Services

Defining LSF Duplicates

Duplication and Transfers to LSF

I. General Principle I. Only one circulating copy of any item will be sent to LSF. i. Items held by the Beinecke or other non-circulating collections are not considered duplicates of circulating copies. Therefore, if there is a non-circulating/restricted use copy already shelved off-campus, a circulating copy from an on-campus library collection may still be transferred to LSF.

ii. For items that are bound together in a single volume (i.e. pamphlets, serials), if one or more of the items duplicates materials already at LSF, but the remaining items in the volume do not, the entire volume may still be transferred to LSF.

II. Disposition of Known Duplicates I. If a duplicate copy of a circulating item already shelved at LSF is discovered in the on-campus pool of potential LSF transfers, that duplicate can either be retained in the on-campus collection or withdrawn. i. All apparent duplicates published before 1900 warrant additional review by the appropriate Selectors prior to any decision to withdraw.

ii. The following established Preservation guidelines can assist in the determination of whether a duplicate copy of a circulating item shelved at LSF is a candidate for retention if any one of the following conditions are present. However, a library’s management team should modify (i.e., strengthen or weaken) these criteria as necessary so that local collection practices and use are taken into consideration: 1. Duplicate has the Author’s signature

1. Duplicate contains extensive marginalia or notes on endsheets

2. Duplicate contains dedications on endsheets or title page

3. Duplicate is a first or special edition

4. Duplicate has publishers’ cloth bindings from 1804 to 1929

5. There are fewer than 26 copies of the item listed in OCLC

6. The duplicate contains maps and/or plates

iii. If any of the above conditions are met, the duplicate copy may either be retained on campus or it may be transferred to LSF as a restricted item, available for use in a supervised reading room only.

III. Multiple Duplicate Copies Shelved On Campus I. If multiple duplicate copies of an item are shelved in a single on-campus library and there is no circulating copy shelved at LSF, then the copy on site that is in the best physical condition will be transferred, all other features of the volumes being equal. i. The additional duplicate copies can either be retained on-campus or withdrawn, in accordance with the policy outlined above.

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