Request FAQ

Recall vs. Request staff search or delivery

Recall Items Checked Out:

  • Request an item that is checked out to another reader
  • Allows the current user to keep the book for approximately 10 days from when the recall is placed, or until the due date if it is sooner
  • When the item is returned, it will be placed on the Hold shelf for you at the Circulation Desk of your choice and you will be notified
  • The recalled item will be returned to the book stacks if not picked up within approximately 10 days after notification
  • All materials are subject to recall immediately after check out
  • Items with a status of 'in process' are charged to a library department and may normally be recalled, with expedited processing

Request Staff Search or Delivery:

By choosing this option, patrons will be able to:

  • Choose a pickup location for the book they are requesting
  • Request an item shelved at the Library Shelving Facility (LSF)
  • Request an item be paged (retrieved from the stacks and brought to the circulation desk for you) at libraries where this service is offered
  • Submit comments or details about the request

For items not available at the library:

  • Use the Purchase Request Form to request that the Library purchase material not owned or on order. The request will be forwarded to a library selector for review.
  • Use the ILL/Borrow Direct to request materials through the Borrow Direct or ILL system, for materials not currently available at Yale Library.