Library Information Technology

Subject Specialist

Maintain and Update

  • Check Taxonomy Subjects Terms each semester / Year with the Yale resources (see references below)
  • Update Subject Specialist associate with each subject term
  • Several Changes need to do or possible to do
    • Thin border around image
    • Set the subjects that don't have libguid page to "Ask Yale Library"?
    • Subjects not in Major or Program or Libguide for special case of in Instruction, the parent <-> sub-subject relation?


Create Taxonomy: Subjects

  • Import terms from Library Subject Guides, Majors in Yale College, Programs & Departments
  • Add Category field to distinguish the subject resources from above 3 resources
  • Add field for subject Specialist
  • Add field in user account setting for Subject Librarian alternate home page (Group user that doesn't have libguidID)

Create view to get the Librarians by Major (Librarians for Undergraduates)

Create another view to get the Librarians by Programs & Departments (Librarians for Graduate Students and Faculty)

Create a main page that can search the librarian by any subject word(s) in Taxonomy Subjects (from Subject Guides, Majors, or Programs & Departments) by enable "Exposed Form in Block" and put this block in "Sidebar First" region on "Find a Subject Specialist " main page => Later also put into the basic page as main page (/subject-specialists, change the search page to /sl) in order to have blank search boxes for "Subject" and "Librarian" (add as OR function)

The common notes is from block that is set in Content Region between "Page Title" and "Page Main Content" for the 3 mentioned pages.  Later do the revise, the search page had the instruction (at footer area - so the search result will be on top of it) same as basic page (didn't use block, so when do update, need change both places)

Create a view block that rotate the Subject Specialist name and photo in Main Page's Sidebar First region both image and name are link to libguid page by feed back, original name was link to email).

** Due to Libguides updatae, need change the following url setting: Views > Subject Taxonomy > User Libguide id > Rewrite Results > Link path ([field_user_libguid_id]) => ([field_user_libguid_id])