Staff Directory Setup

Set up New YUL Staff (* are required field)

  • People > Add CAS user > type in new staff netid (one line per person) > Create new account(s)
    • Will create new user profile if the staff doesn't have account in library's web site (or "Already exit in the system")
    • Click user profile link to edit user's information (try to not use special diacritic for easy search)
      • *Full Name: will be Display name at User page
      • Phone number
      • Building
      • Office Location
      • *Last name
      • * First name : this with Last name will be used for YUL Staff Page Title
      • Unit: will be the main default department or sub-department (if stuff under some sub-department, its department name will auto get from view), this is only for reference, may not update if people change unit) 
      • **Save
  • Content > Add Content > YUL Staff
    • Name: Don't fill in, it will be get the value from above user profile, show here only for peopel change name after this page created.
    • *YUL Staff Title
    • *Unit: get staff's sub-department (unit) name, department name will auto get from Department Directory Content Type, update here if person change unit.
    • Position: default to "5", do necessary change if need display on the top of staff list
    • *Building
    • Office Location
    • * Go to "Authoring information" > Change "Author by" from your name to the new staff's name (start to type first name will auto create name list for you to pick up)
    • * Save => should have the name fill in now 
  • Check department directory ( to see if the staff show up there

When Staff leaves

New Department or sub-department not in the list

  • Content > Add Content > YUL Department Directory
  • *Title: Department or Sub-Department name
  • *Web Site: Give the same name as "Title"
  • URL: fill in if there is one
  • Left Contact, Center Contact, Right Contact: are for information that will be on Department Directory information section
  • Sub-Department: fill in only if the Title is a department and has sub-department
  • Department: only fill in if the Title is a sub-department, then fill in it's department name
  • Default URL will be sd/dept/department-name, if prefer alias, should use se/dept/alias
  • *Save

When Staff change information, just do the necessary change in either user profile (phone, name) or YUL Staff Profile ( name, title, unit, building, location).

New Building not in the list or need to do title change: Contact Steve Wieda

  • Create new building for all other information
  • "YUL Staff Building Location" field in the Building Content Type is the name used for Staff Directory