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Performing Arts

The Yale University Archives seeks to collect documentation concerning the performing arts at Yale. Specific topics of interest include:

  • The conceptualization, design, planning, promotion, and artistic direction of performances, concerts, and productions at Yale
  • Collaboration among students, faculty, and outside professionals in performances, concerts, and productions at Yale
  • Creative innovations in and the extended influence of Yale performing arts
  • Influential faculty, students and organizations that have shaped or transformed the performing arts at Yale

Archival Records

Examples of records of interest to the Archives, regardless of format:

  • Annual reports
  • Calendars and schedules of performing arts activities at Yale
  • Correspondence
  • Final design and production specifications, including set, costume, and prop designs
  • Licensing and copyright records, when Yale owns rights to a play, music, or other performance
  • Meeting minutes, correspondence, and vision statements
  • News clippings
  • Photographs and audio-visual resources
  • Promotional materials
  • Publications and websites (see Depositing Official Yale Publications)
  • Reviews
  • Scripts or sheet music that document how a performance, concert, or production was staged or interpreted at Yale

Office of record

Staff throughout the School of Drama, the School of Music, the Yale Dramatic Association, the Institute for Sacred Music, the Yale Symphony Orchestra, Yale Repertory Theatre, and Yale's bands hold record copies of documentation concering the performing arts. In addition, student organizations may hold record copies of said documentation. Individual offices that are not responsible for the creation of such records, but that maintain duplicates of such works or related materials, should destroy these files after they are no longer needed.

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