For Yale Offices


The Yale University Archives seeks to collect documentation of research initiatives of Yale University. Specific topics of interest include:

  • Selected path-breaking/extraordinary research
  • University-wide research trends or emphases
  • Activities of university research centers
  • Yale University directives or standards for the conduct of research (e.g. human subjects, safety, privacy, conflict of interest, patent, copyright)
  • Property rights resulting from research

Archival Records

Examples of records of interest to the Archives, regardless of format:

  • Constitutions, missions, vision statements, and annual reports of research centers
  • Copyright records and waivers
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Licensee agreement files
  • Litigation files
  • Patents: case files, applications, and prosecution files
  • Publications and websites (see Depositing Official Yale Publications)
  • Summary descriptions of current research activities of schools or departments
  • Trademark records
  • Unpublished reports and products from selected research projects

Office of record

Individuals, units, and centers conducting or administering research projects maintain the record copy of documentation concerning research. Individual offices that are not responsible for the creation of such records, but that maintain duplicates of such works or related materials, should destroy these files after they are no longer needed.

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