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Official policies & procedures, links to resources, work in progress, organized by category. (For resources in depth, organized by category, click on Cataloging Tools & Resources on the toolbar above)

Table of Contents

Authority control at Yale

Bibliographic Records (CIP, added copies, variant editions, description & access & subject analysis)

CALL Numbers and shelflisting

MFHDs (including, ǂk, local SML policies & procedures)

Item records (including the item type table in Excel, & bound-withs)

Cataloging in Voyager (including the NELINET training manual [revised], Voyager settings, common procedures step-by-step, editing in Voyager, exportQ, Web Voyage)

Cataloging Tools & ​OCLC (OCLC, links to ClassWeb, Cataloger's Desktop & the Cataloging Calculator, Macro Express)

Special Formats

Cataloging Standards (BSR, CONSER, MARC, PCC, RDA)

Workflows (acquisitions-related, preliminary records, catalog maintenance, general and local cataloging workflows)

Discovery Systems Documentation
Transportation of materials
Staff Directories
Cataloging and Metadata Committees
Library Committees