Library Committees

Metadata Steering Committee (MSC)

Reports To: Library Executive Committee

Committee Charge:

  • Oversee maintenance of current policies and documentation of lasting value, and create schedule for regular reviews and updates
  • Provide strategic direction for metadata practices throughout the Yale Library.
  • In support of wider Library objectives, solicit and receive proposals for service enhancements as well as new initiatives. 
  • Nominate members of metadata advisory groups 
  • Establish common templates and directory structures for metadata policy communication; establish norms on use of tools such as Zoom, Slack, O365
  • Ensure that policies, project updates, new initiatives, etc. are provided to the Web Documentarian for public posting
  • Distribute agendas and minutes

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly or as needed.

Member Selection Method: Ex officio, as chairs of subsidiary working and advisory groups, with 2 rotating members.

Term of Service: 2 years, renewable

Committee Member:    
Bazeley, Jennifer co-Chair of ILS Metadata Advisory Group, ex officio
Bolkovac, Eva  Manager, Metadata Services Unit, ex officio
Carruth, Ruth Recording Secretary
Clemens, Alison Archival & Manuscript Description Cmte Chair, ex officio
Cordes, Ellen (Member at Large)
Custer, Mark Chair of Digital Object Metadata Advisory Group, ex officio
Fell, Todd (Member at Large)
Lovins, Daniel Chair
Matković, Danijela Chair of Authorities & Identities Advisory Group, ex officio
Norris, Jeanette co-Chair of ILS Metadata Advisory Group, ex officio
Thompson, Timothy Chair of Metadata Standards Advisory Group, ex officio
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