Visual Materials: 040 & 043

040 (Cataloging Source) Required

‡a Original cataloging agency NUC code
‡b Language of cataloging
‡c Transcribing agency NUC code
‡d Modifying agency NUC code
‡e Description conventions  (rda and/or dcrmg)

Order of subfields:   ‡a ‡b ‡e ‡c ‡d

Example: 040 __  ‡a CtY-LW ‡b eng ‡e dcrmg ‡e rda  ‡c CtY-LW   

043 (Geographic Area Code)   Not required. Refer to local YUL  policy.

Use when subject of the item or collection is explicitly geographical (i.e. must be assigned at least one LCSH heading with a geographic heading or subdivision). Be as specific as possible.  See USMARC Code List for Geographic Areas.

Each code is entered in a separate ‡a.  Enter all seven characters and any hyphens, including trailing hyphens.

Example: 043 __ ‡a np----- ‡a n-us-ca ‡a n-us-ri