Visual Materials: MFHD

Holdings Record (MFHD)

No special instructions for visual materials.  Enter copy specific notes here or according to repository practice (e.g., 590 in the Bib record or other 5xx field as appropriate).

856 links to digital surrogates can be entered either in the MFHD or the BIB record

Example of call numbers:

852 80 ‡b beinwa ‡h WA PHOTOS ‡i [#]
852 80 ‡b beingen ‡h GEN MSS ‡i [#]
562 __ ‡a Impression 1: Trimmed to plate mark on left and right sides.

Links to a digital surrogate may be made in either the Bib or MFHD record.  Subfield ‡u contains the path link. Subfield ‡y contains the text that displays in the OPAC as the hyperlink.  Subfield ‡3 Allows you to enter text that specifies the material for which there is a digital surrogate.

856 41 ‡u http: //[unique id] ‡y Digital version