Visual Materials: Leader

Record Status : System-supplied

Type of Record : Required

Use value ‘g’ (projectable medium)   Use only for film strips, slides and transparencies.

Use value ‘k’ (two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic. This code is recommended for all graphic materials including digital images. (list from MARC standard)

Bibliographic Level : Required

Use the value ‘m’ (monograph/item) for single items or multipart resources.

Use the value ‘c’ (collection) for single volumes containing multiple items, such as a photograph album or a volume of drawings.

Use the value ‘a’ (monographic component part) for analytics (single items physically part of a larger resource).

Type of Control : _ No specific type of control

Encoding Level : Required

Use _ [blank] to indicate a full-level description in which all applicable guidelines are followed.

Use the value ‘7’ (minimal-level description) when applying only the guidelines for minimal records outlined in DCRM(G) Appendix D). 

Cataloging Form: i  : ISBD punctuation included  

Multipart resource record level:

_ : Not specified or not applicable

a: Set

b: Part with independent title

c: Part with dependent title

All other values in the Leader are system-supplied.