Visual Materials: 100 or 110

100 (Main Entry - Personal Name) or 110 (Main Entry - Corporate Name)

Select the main entry for visual materials using this table from Appendix F1.3 in DCRM(G).

In general, provide access points for the names of people, families, and corporate bodies associated with the production or provenance of the material being cataloged.  Multiple name access points can be used to draw attention to creators who shaped different aspects of a resource, such as the artists and engraver, or architect and draftsman. Name access points can also identify a copyright claimant, client, sponsor/advertiser, donor, and former owner.

Work​ Creator (1xx) Contributor (7xx)
Drawing or painting by known artist Artist None
Photo or photo album with photographer as creator; no other responsible parties named Photographer None
Photo with corporate employer of photographers (producer/publisher) no individual photographer named Corporate body None
Photo with corporate employer of photographers (producer/publisher; individual photographer is named) Photographer Corporate body
Etching after a painting (adaptation from another medium) Etcher Painter
Poster with artist’s printed signature and a sponsoring organization Artist or Sponsor/advertiser Sponsor/advertiser or Artist
Wood engraving after a drawing; both artist and engraver named Engraver Artist
Wood engraving after a drawing; only artist named Artist or Title None or Artist
Lithograph with named lithographer, artist, and printer Lithographer Artist and printer
Architectural drawing with named architect and draftsman Architect Draftsman
Technical drawing for a design by known designer, but only architect’s name appears on the technical drawing Designer Architect
Documentary photograph of building by named architect Photographer Architect
Collected body of material assembled by identified person or company other than the repository Collector or compiler Any other creator(s)
Collected body of material by different creators assembled by the repository Title Any creator(s)
Collected body of material by the same creator assembled by the repository Creator Other creators
Unidentified creator; ambiguous creators; many creators; questionable attributions Title Any creator(s) or possible creator(s)

Use relator terms from a controlled vocabulary for full records where appropriate. Refer to full list of MARC Relator Codes/Terms and the RBMS Relationship Designators for further options.

Yale Policy: Use the relator terms not codes.  Use the more generic ‘printmaker’ rather than ‘etcher’, ‘engraver’, ‘lithographer’,  ‘metal-engraver’, ‘wood engraver’, ‘woodcutter’, etc.  Bring out the medium by using one or more appropriate term in a 655 field.

Note: Relator terms currently (5/2014) display in Orbis but are not indexed.

Record an appropriate term from the following list with the authorized access point for the creator(s) of a work. (See RDA 19.2 for establishing records for creators.) Apply the general guidelines on using relationship designators at RDA Appendix I.1.

architect  A person, family, or corporate body responsible for creating an architectural design, including a pictorial representation intended to show how a building, etc., will look when completed.

landscape architect  An architect responsible for creating landscape works.

artist  A person, family, or corporate body responsible for creating a work by conceiving,  and often implementing, an original graphic design, drawing, painting, etc.

sculptor An artist responsible for creating a three-dimensional work by modeling, carving, or similar technique.

designer A person, family, or corporate body responsible for creating a design for an object.

photographer A person, family, or corporate body responsible for creating a photographic work.

Or use one of the following terms from GMGPC when appropriate:


If your expertise allows further specificity or if the item self-identifies consider using terms:

associated name
attributed name
printer of plates