Visual Materials: 336/337/338-490

336/337/338  (Content/ Carrier / Medium)

Choose the appropriate terms for content, media and carrier. This instruction sheet covers only still images. The media and carrier may vary.

336___ ‡a still image ‡2 rdacontent

337___ ‡a unmediated ‡2 rdamedia (other options: projected, stereographic)

338___ ‡a sheet ‡2 rdacarrier (other options: computer disc, film roll, film strip, slide)

Refer to RDA for Content type. See RDA 3.2 for Media Type. See RDA 3.3 for Carrier Type.

490 (Series Statement)

If a series statement is not present on or with the material, but reference sources provide evidence that it was issued as part of a series or multipart resource, do not supply a series statement in the series and multipart resource area. Provide the information in a note, if considered important. Additional title access may also be provided. 

Do not use this area for series or sets that do not bear a collective title. Supplied or devised series information may be mentioned in a note. Provide additional title access, if considered important.

Transcribe series and multipart resource information in the form and order in which it is presented in the source. Include parallel titles, subtitles, other title information relating to the series, and statements of responsibility.

Transcribe numbering associated with the series or multipart resource as it appears on or with the material. Do not use any abbreviations not present in the source and do not convert roman or spelled‐out numerals to Arabic.

Always make a note on the source of the title proper of the series or multipart resource.

490 0_ ‡a Stereoscopic gems of Utah scenery
      Note: 500 __ ‡a Series title printed on stereograph mount.
490 0_ ‡a Watkins' new boudoir series : Yo-Semite, Pacific Coast,
      Yellowstone Park, &c
      Note: 500 __ ‡a Series title printed on stereograph mount.
490 0_ ‡a Characters for caricatures / by Christopher Cosmopolitus, Esqr. ;‡v no. 2
490 0_ ‡a Marriage a-la-mode ; ‡v plate II

PCC Core for Series: Title (RDA 2.12.2) only.
PCC Core for Rare materials, also: Other title information (RDA 2.12.4) ; Statement of responsibility (RDA 2.12.6