Visual Materials: 6xx

Subject access (6xx)

Assign headings for persons, organizations, etc. and LCSH as appropriate for the topic and/or geographic areas to enhance access to the subject of the visual materials. Following provisions as defined by Yale policy on the use of NACO NAF headings.  Non-LCNAF headings that conform to RDA rules can also be used.

Examples of subject tracings. Orbis: 8525457

245 04 ‡a The political strugle.
246 1   ‡i Title should read: ‡a Political struggle

600 00 ‡a George ‡b III, ‡c King of Great Britain, ‡d 1738-1820 ‡v Portraits
600 00 ‡a Augusta, ‡c Princess of Wales, ‡d 1719-1772 ‡v Portraits.
600 10 ‡a Hogarth, William, ‡d 1697-1764, ‡v Portraits.
610 20 ‡a East India Company.
630 00 ‡a Treaty of Paris ‡d (1763)

Use the ‡v for portraits or images of people.

600 00 ‡a George ‡b III, ‡c King of Great Britain, ‡d 1738-1820‡v Portraits.
600 10 ‡a Nicholson, Margaret, ‡d approximately 1750-1828 ‡v Caricatures and cartoons.

In addition, provide access to the genres and mediums of the materials using ​GMGPC.  Be as specific as your expertise allows.  Genre terms are coded 655 _7; specify the thesaurus in 2.

Subdivide published items by place of production. Subdivide unpublished materials by the nationality of the artist if known.  Optionally, further subdivide published items by the place of publication and date of publication and unpublished items by the century in which the artist lived.  Refer to the thesauri to determine appropriate subdivisions for a term.

Note: Some units have used AAT or other thesauri as a source for genre terms.  Prefer GMGPC or LCTGM for visual materials if it does not conflict with current practice.

Intaglio prints (etchings, engravings, mezzotints, drypoint, aquatints, etc.)
Relief prints (woodcuts, metalcuts, wood engravings, relief etchings, linocuts, etc.)

655 _7 ‡a Intaglio prints ‡z England. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Daguerreotypes. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Views. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Portraits. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Portrait photographs. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Views. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Cartes de visite. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Watercolors ‡x British ‡y 18th century. ‡2 gmgpc
655 _7 ‡a Photographic postcards. ‡2 gmgpc

Use LCTGM terms to provide access to what is depicted. Use MARC code 650 _7; specify the thesaurus in 2.

Examples of subject tracings. Orbis: 8525457

245 04 ‡a The political strugle.

650 07 ‡a Chariots. ‡2 lctgm
650 07 ‡a City & town life. ‡2 lctgm
650 07 ‡a Warehouses ‡z England ‡z London. ‡2 lctgm


100 1_ ‡a Hogarth, William, ‡d 1697-1764, ‡e printmaker.
245 14 ‡a [The sleeping congregation] / ‡c invented, engraved & published October 26: 1736 by Wm. Hogarth pursuant to an act of Parliament.

650 07 ‡a Clergy. ‡2 lctgm
650 07 ‡a Lust. ‡2 lctgm
650 07 ‡a Preaching. ‡2 lctgm
650 07 ‡a Religious services. ‡2 lctgm
650 07 ‡a Sleeping. ‡2 lctgm


For guidance on local tracings refer to the 69x portion of the YUL Manuscript Cataloging Guidelines.