Visual Materials: 250

250 (State)

Note: The term “edition” in graphic materials indicates a print run and is recorded in a note. When describing prints, the word “state” rather than “edition” is used to describe identical impressions printed from the same unchanged printing plate, block, or stone (the matrix).

  • 250 is the place to distinguish manifestations that appear identical in other areas of the description
  • Particularly useful for supplying text to disambiguate states that differ only in graphic rather than textual content
  • Not to be used to record differences between impressions that do not involve a change in the matrix
  • Do not use this area as the sole identification of a restrike even if identified as a separate state in a catalogue raisonné

Transcribe any statement related to state in the 250. Use square brackets when supplying information from a catalogue raisonné or when supplying text to described changes in the matrix.


250 __‡a Proof.
250 __ ‡a [State with road side added in upper left of image].
250 __ ‡a [State 2].
      Note: 500__ ‡a 2nd state as described in: Paulson, R. Hogarth’s graphic works, no. 9