Orbis Visual Materials Cataloging Manual: Single Items & Multiparts


This manual provides information about creating MARC records for both published and unpublished, single items and multi-part visual materials (i.e., still images including born-digital) in the Yale Libraries. A separate document provides guidelines for cataloging collections of visual materials or graphic materials that form a collection or part of a collection.

These rules are based on PCC RDA BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) Metadata Application Profile (April 2014) with more specific guidance from DCRM(G) to assist the cataloger in describing graphic materials. These rules are intended for use by YUL catalogers in special collections units as well as non-special collections units.  Special collections units, we hope, will look more closely at the DCRM(G) guidelines.

See separate instructions for cataloging Video (DVD and Videocassette).

This manual was created by a subgroup of the Manuscript Committee (Ellen Cordes, Francis Lapka, and Karen Spicher) with the assistance of Tatiana Barr from the Cataloging and Metadata Services Department and Susan Wheeler from the Medical Historical Library.  The following instructions conforms to RDA and DCRM(G) as modified by the PCC/BIBCO Standard Record (January 2014). Latest revision: May 2014.

Since Yale is only authorized to create ‘pcc’ records for printed monographs (and microfilm), the record is not coded as pcc. 

This manual is maintained by the Yale Archival and Manuscript Description Committee. Please direct comments to Alison Clemens (chair).