Visual Materials: 5xx

5xx (Notes)

There is only one required note for graphic materials (in DCRMG) and that is the “Source of title” note (also required in PCC records). Other notes are required to justify attributions or access points or to indicate the sources of information related to supplied information. The Source of Title note should always be first unless you are also supplying a Scope note (520) or a language or script, in which case Source of title note second. [See Order of Notes below.]

Examples of Source of title notes:

500__‡a Title from item.
500__‡a Title from caption etched below image.
500__‡a Title from ms. note in artist’s hand.
500__‡a Title from photographer’s log.
500__‡a Title supplied by cataloger.  Note: Title will be in square brackets.

In addition to the required note listed above, make the following notes to record other information, if appropriate:

Order of Notes 
Biographical or historical note (545)
Provide biographical or historical information about the individual or organization referenced in the 1xx or 245 field

545 __ ‡a The artist and graphic designer Herbert Matter was born in Switzerland in 1907. His interest in art started early in life. In the late 1920s he moved to Paris to participate in its active art scene, studying with Fernand Léger and Amédée Ozenfant, and later working for both Adolphe Cassandre and Le Corbusier. …

Summary (520)
Give a brief summary of the content, meaning, or iconography of the image.

Bib 11316691
520 0_ ‡a “Bookplate of John Holland; a female figure wearing a helmet and holding a spear and a shield decorated with the arms of the herald painter John Holland: a lion surrounded by eight fleurs-de lis, three putti in the foreground, one putto holding a crown with a lion by the window at left."--British Museum online catalogue.
Language and script (546)
Make notes on language of text if not apparent from the rest of the description.

546 __ ‡a Title in Chinese characters precedes romanized title.

Source of description; source of title proper (500) or for multipart resources (588)  

500 __‡a Title engraved below image.
500 __‡a Title from item.
500 __‡a Title from Paulson. Note: Paulson is a catalogue raisonné cited in a 510 note.
500 __‡a Title devised by library staff.

For multipart resources,

588 0_‡a Description based on: no. 2.

Note: Use indication 0 (Source of description) or indicator 1 (Latest issue consulted) or use _Blank (no information provided).

Variations in title (500)
Make notes on various titles born by the material, partial or complete transcriptions, parallel titles, picture captions, translations of non-English titles, or variations found in reference sources, in considered important.

500 __‡a Letterpress title on sheet below engraved image: Shakespeare’s seven ages.

500 __‡a Brevigraph sometimes incorrectly rendered “ye” expanded in title as [the].

Statements of responsibility (500)
If considered important.

500 __ Also signed in image: JC [monogram].

State and printing history (500)
If applicable.

500 __ Second of seven states.

Publication, distribution, etc. (500)  

500 __‡a Photographs taken in 1865 but printed later.

500 __‡a "Price six pence plain, coulour'd [sic] one shilling."

500 __‡a Plate from: Birch, T. The heads of illustrious persons of Great Britain. London : John and Paul Knapton, MDCCXLIII-MDCCLI [1743-1751].

Physical description (500)
Distinguish between ‘as issued’ and copy specific

Use 590 for copy specific notes. Use 500 for notes that describe as issued information.

500 __‡a Printed on paper designed and shaped like an acorn.

590 __‡a Lewis Walpole impression: Trimmed with loss of imprint.

Accompanying material (500)   

500 __ ‡a Accompanied by printed booklet: A list of titles.

Series (500)
Source of title note required. 

500 __‡a Series title from artist's inventory.

Note any other series information not transcribed in the series and multipart resource area, if considered important.

500 __‡a Numbered: (176).

References to published descriptions (510)
e.g., catalogue raisonnés, reference sources, etc. 

510 4_ ‡a Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum. Division I, political and personal satires, ‡c v. 6, no. 6788

Characteristics of the original (534)  

534 __ ‡p Original: ‡a Woodward, G. M. (George Moutard), approximately 1760-1809. ‡t Bedfordshire farmer unloading his presents. ‡c [1800?] ‡e 1 drawing : pencil, ink & watercolor ; sheet 27 x 38 cm. ‡l In The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University. Farmington, CT.

Contents (505)  

505 __ ‡a Contents: (from section captions) Nürnberg -- Bamberg -- Eisenach, Wartburg -- Potsdam, Sans-souci -- Schwarzatal

Other numbering (500)
Note numbers not already transcribed as part of another element.

500 __ ‡a Plate numbered in upper right corner: Vol. 1, pl. 8.

Relationship note (580)  

580 __ ‡a Forms part of the Topographical Prints collection, The Lewis Walpole Library.

“With” notes (501)
Two separate bibliographic items on one sheet, etc.

501 __ ‡a With: An essay on hunting.

Terms of access, use, and reproduction (506)  

506 1_ ‡a Restricted: Material fragile; please use digital version.
Note: Use indication 0 (no restriction) and indicator 1(restriction).

Preferred citation (524)  

524 __ ‡a Edward Edwards, Entrance of the Villa at Strawberry Hill. The Lewis Walpole Library,Yale University.

Provenance / Source of acquisition (561)  

561 1_ ‡a Formerly owned by Horace Walpole. Sold
at the Strawberry Hill Sale, 1842, day viii, 154.

561 0_ ‡a Purchased as part of the Chewton Collection of Lord Waldegrave, by W.S. Lewis, 1948.

Note: Use indication 0 (private) and indicator 1(not private) even though the distinction is not made in Voyager. Use _Blank (no information provided).

Additional physical format (530)  

530 __ ‡a Also available as a digital reproduction.

Exhibition history (585)  

585 __ ‡a Exhibited: "Illustrating the Imagination: Celebrating Children's Illustrators from the Cornish Colony and Today" at the Cornish Museum, Windsor, VT, 2009-2010.