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July 29, 2015

The Gilmore Music Library is home to a wealth of organ music, in manuscripts and early printed editions, ranging from J.S. Bach and his circle, to Yale composers such as Charles Ives and Paul Hindemith. This exhibition has been organized to coincide with the Northeast Regional Convention of the American Guild of Organists in New Haven. Take a look at our online exhibit here...

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July 27, 2015

A tour of Sterling Memorial (SML) and Bass Libraries, designed especially for new graduate students, is being offered on 3 dates in August – the 25, 26 & 28. Each tour will include the SML stacks and reading rooms, a peek at some unusual collections, and information about important (and useful!) services for students. Each tour will begin in the SML nave, just inside the 120 High Street entrance. A Yale ID is required and students are encouraged to register at the links below on the date of their choice. Click on the preferred dates below to register and for more information.

Tuesday August 25, 1:00 pm

Wednesday August 26, 1:00 pm

Friday August 28 1:00 pm

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July 27, 2015

The Yale Library has made its Instagram debut, expanding its current social media presence from Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is a hugely popular photo-sharing application. The daily posts will include images of treasures and spaces from all across the Yale Library system. Follow us on Instagram here!

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July 24, 2015

Exhibition:  Bawdy Bodies:  Satires of Unruly Women

24 September 2015 through 26 February 2016

Characterized by comically grotesque figures performing lewd and vulgar actions, bawdy humor provided a poignant vehicle to target a variety of political and social issues in eighteenth-century Britain.  Bawdy Bodies:  Satires of Unruly Women explores the deployment of this humorous but derisive strategy towards the regulation of female behavior.  The exhibition presents satirical images of women from a range of subject categories, including the royal family, aging members of fashionable society, disparaged mothers, political activists, gamblers, medical wonders, artists, performers, and intellectuals.

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July 14, 2015

“Sesame Street” skits play on three monitors in a basement room in Sterling Memorial Library – no children are present. Videocassettes line shelves along one side of the room. Racks contain VCRs and other old video equipment. Elmo, Big Bird, and friends are being digitized as part of an initiative to preserve and make accessible more than 2,000 videocassettes housed in the Beinecke's  collections. Among them are the “Sesame Street” tapes from the archive of Tony Geiss,  songwriter for the classic children’s program. Read more in this YaleNews article.

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July 8, 2015

Yale University Library and Oxford University Press (OUP) announced today that they are working together on a pilot project to acquire print and digital versions of monographic content available through the Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) platform.  The aim is to ensure that members of the Yale community will now have access to new monographic content published by OUP, as well as access to 11,000 books currently available on OSO. This arrangement is the first of its kind with a single academic institution.

We are proud to partner with Yale to ensure the acquisition of high quality, peer-reviewed content available through Oxford's University Press Scholarship Online platform," said Rebecca Seger, Senior Director of Institutional Sales for Oxford University Press. "This is our first OSO pilot with Yale, and we look forward to working together to analyze how this access results in both print and online usage of content across the Yale community. As research moves towards a digital future, this program allows Yale to sustainably manage that transition and satisfy user needs for the format of choice – print and/or digital.

“We are pleased to further teaching and research at Yale by providing the flexibility of both digital and print access to the monographic output of a leading university press,” said Daniel Dollar, Director of Collection Development at the Yale University Library. “Working with Oxford University Press and YBP Library Services aligns well with the library’s service mission to the Yale University community.”

YBP Library Services will provide the collection management, duplication control, and invoicing services for the e-books. “YBP is honored to have been selected as a partner to Yale University Library for the purchase of the Oxford Scholarship Online collection. YBP is committed to delivering the services that support the management of selection and acquisition of the OSO content,” stated Mark Kendall, Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations at YBP.

For more information, contact Daniel.dollar@yale.edu

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July 8, 2015

All are welcome to join us for this SCOPA talk on Tuesday, July 14, from 10:00-11:00 in Bass Library L01.

When events like the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal occur around the world, it is hard to know how we can help. In this SCOPA talk, Sarah Calhoun (librarian for South Asian studies) and Kristin Bogdan (science and social science research data librarian at CSSSI) will talk about two ways that the academic community came together to provide assistance. Sarah will discuss the efforts to archive digital ephemera about the event and Kristin will talk about how map enthusiasts used the tools provided by OpenStreetMap’s Humanitarian OpenStreetMap platform to update maps to assist the teams on the ground.

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July 8, 2015

This week librarians and archivists will meet this year’s Freshman Scholars at Yale (FSY). FSY provides a cohort of incoming first-year students with the opportunity to engage early on in the Yale experience by living and studying on campus for 5 weeks in the summer. They will receive a general overview of Yale’s library system and an introduction to college-level standards of research. They will also meet with Manuscripts & Archives staff for a hands-on session with primary sources, and will be introduced to their personal librarians.

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July 7, 2015

Last week, several Yale librarians and archivists taught classes as part of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program. The program is designed for outstanding high school students to have an amazing summer experience studying in beautiful campus lecture halls and classrooms, living in Yale’s historic residential colleges, eating in award-winning dining halls, meeting a talented community of fellow students, and engaging with world-renowned resources and staff. See photos of some of the sessions here.

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