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April 7, 2017

All are welcome to join us for the latest in our Sterling Memorial Book Talk Series on Wednesday April 19 at 4:30pm, where Douglas Rogers, Yale Associate Professor of Anthropoloy, will speak about his book, The Depths of Russia: Oil, Power, and Culture After Socialism. The talk will take place in the Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall.

Russia is among the world's leading oil producers, sitting atop the planet's eighth largest reserves. Like other oil-producing nations, it has been profoundly transformed by the oil industry. In The Depths of Russia, Rogers offers a nuanced and multifaceted analysis of oil's place in Soviet and Russian life, based on ethnographic fieldwork and archival research in the Perm region of the Urals. Moving beyond models of oil calibrated to capitalist centers and postcolonial "petrostates," he traces the distinctive contours of the socialist—and then postsocialist—oil complex, showing how oil has figured in the making and remaking of space and time, state and corporation, exchange and money, and past and present. He pays special attention to the material properties and transformations of oil (from depth in subsoil deposits to toxicity in refining) and to the ways oil has echoed through a range of cultural registers.

The Depths of Russia challenges the common focus on high politics and Kremlin intrigue by considering the role of oil in barter exchanges and surrogate currencies, industry-sponsored social and cultural development initiatives, and the city of Perm's campaign to become a European Capital of Culture. Rogers also situates Soviet and post-Soviet oil in global contexts, showing that many of the forms of state and corporate power that emerged in Russia after socialism are not outliers but very much part of a global family of state-corporate alliances gathered at the intersection of corporate social responsibility, cultural sponsorship, and the energy and extractive industries.

All are welcome!

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April 7, 2017

The East Asia Library at Yale is delighted to announce a collection of ephemera (brochures, flyers, advertisements, pamphlets) material related to LGBTQ communities in Japan. The finding aid can be found here.

The collection consists of fliers, newsletters, brochures, and other educational material published and distributed by Japanese lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) organizations, primarily from the Tokyo area. Materials focus on gay and bisexual men's health, sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention and testing, and community activities for HIV positive individuals. The collection includes publications documenting bars and clubs, community spaces and support services, art and cultural events, and political activism, as well as newsletters from over thirty LGBTQ organizations located in Tokyo and other regions of Japan. Materials date from 1993 to 2016.

The collection was prepared in collaboration with Yoshie Yanagihara of Tokyo Denki University and Tetsuyuki Shida of Waseda University, with assistance from Mary Caldera of Yale Manuscripts and Archives, and Caitlin Casiello.

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April 3, 2017

Image by Peter Malutzki. Used with permission.

April 10 - May 26, 2017

Photographs have had a home in the book format since the earliest days of photography. However, the interest in and study of the ‘photobook’ as a form is a more recent phenomenon. The definition of a photobook is still fluid in critical discussions, and perhaps it is this lack of rigid characteristics that makes the art form so interesting to collect and study. This exhibition highlights the work of the Arts and Beinecke Libraries to collect photobooks in a wide variety of formats and explores how the collecting practices of these two libraries intersect and complement each other. Together, these two collections offer a broad historical context in which to examine and critically engage with this emergent form.

The Arts Library has been collecting books by photographers for decades as part of its mission to document trends in the art world to support teaching and research at Yale. Furthermore, the Arts of the Book Collection actively collects the book arts in all formats, including books that use photography. The Beinecke Library has a long history of collecting original photography, particularly related to the American West. More recent acquisitions expand the scope of Beinecke’s photography collections to focus on women photographers in the Peter Palmquist Collection and contemporary photobooks in the Indie Photobook Library/Larissa Leclair Collection.

Image copyright. Peter Malutzki. Used with permission. From Lucy in the Sky: Big Brother is Watching You…

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