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AUGUST 11, 2014

For Your Research and Theirs: What you need to know about working with human subjects

Monday, August 18th at 2:00 pm
SML International Room

Librarians work with human subjects on a daily basis as they try and understand the needs of our communities. They also field questions from faculty about how they should proceed with research that involves human subjects. Please join us for a SCOPA forum presented by Jean Larson, the Education & Community Outreach Manager for the Human Research Protection Program, and Sarah Ryan, the Empirical Research Librarian at the Law School and veteran of the IRB process at multiple institutions, that will cover the basics of working with human subjects.

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 11, 2014 11:40 AM

Windham Campbell Prizes Literary Festival, September 15-18

The Windham Campbell Prizes Literary Festival celebrates the work of the 2014 winners of the Donald Windham-Sandy M. Campbell Literature Prizes, annual awards that honor literary achievement and provide writers with the opportunity to focus on their work independent of financial concerns.

The eight prizewinners will participate in a broad range of public events, such as master classes, talks, and master's teas. The festival kicks off Sept. 15 with a keynote by novelist Zadie Smith. See the full schedule at: http://windhamcampbell.org/festival.

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 11, 2014 11:43 AM

AUGUST 12, 2014

Yale Remembers World War I: Judith Schiff on Honoring Yale's Fallen

In recognition of the centennial of the beginning of "The Great War," Judith Schiff, senior research archivist at Yale University Library, discusses how Yale's participation and losses in World War I are commemorated on campus in this video produced by YaleNews:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLt6Qf4jJvk

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 12, 2014 1:06 PM

AUGUST 14, 2014

Library services to be affected in SML from August 21-23

The nave restoration is now in its final stages and the library staff is preparing to move into its new spaces next week. As a result, Circulation, Information and Privileges services will be unavailable in Sterling Memorial Library from Thursday August 21 to Saturday August 23, as services and equipment are relocated to the restored nave. During this timeframe, readers will be able to pick up materials from the SML self-serve hold shelf and use the self-check machines located in the Franke Reading Room to check out library materials. In addition, the Bass Library circulation desk will be open as usual. Please note that the staff in Bass will not be able to issue new visitor privileges cards, but will continue to assist with all circulation, information and existing library account needs. Full services in Sterling Memorial Library will resume in the restored nave on Monday, August 25th. Any questions should be directed to the Bass Circulation Desk at 203-432-1874 or emailaskyale@gmail.com.

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 14, 2014 11:38 AM

AUGUST 20, 2014

The Art Song Compositions of Huang Tzu

The Irving S. Gilmore Music Library and the Yale School of Music are honored to welcome Professor Qian Ren Ping, Professor of Music Theory at Shanghai Conservatory and his colleagues to the Yale campus from 10-12th September, 2014. The highlight of the visit will be a lecture on September 11th at 10:00 am in the Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall, presented by Professor Qian on "The Art Song Compositions of Huang Tzu” and will include performances of some of his art songs. A reception in the adjacent Memorabilia Room will follow. There will also be an exhibition of his rare manuscripts and related materials that will honor his musical contributions as well as his time as a student of composition of western music here at Yale in 1928. He is attributed with being the first Chinese composer to write a large-scale orchestral work, his overture In Memoriam. The exhibit will be on view in the Gilmore Music Library.

More details can be found at:http://calendar.yale.edu/cal/library/month/20140920/All/CAL-2c9cb3cc-47d46f31-0147-d5620e6a-000008eebedework@yale.edu/

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 20, 2014 3:12 PM

AUGUST 22, 2014

Meet your personal librarian at our Freshman Library Reception

New freshman students will be welcomed to the Library on Wednesday September 10, from 3:30–5pm, at a reception hosted by their personal librarians at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. The Personal Librarian Program pairs every freshman student with their very own librarian and is designed to introduce students entering Yale College to the collections and services of the Yale University Library.

Personal Librarians contact students occasionally throughout the year to let them know about new databases and tools, upcoming tours of collections or research strategies. They also encourage questions about research or the Library in general. Any questions about the program can be directed to Emily Horning, Director of Undergraduate Research Education and Outreach at: emily.horning@yale.edu or phone 203-432-8211.

Personal Librarian website: http://web.library.yale.edu/pl

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 22, 2014 4:08 PM

Data Mining Library Collections for the Humanities

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 2:00 PM
Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall

Yale humanities subject librarians – Peter Leonard, Librarian for Digital Humanities Research, Lindsay King, Public Services Librarian and David Gary, Kaplanoff Librarian for American History – will show early work on two “data-mining” projects. The Robots Reading Vogue project explores the possibilities of machine learning on a large (400,000 page) fully-digitized serial collection with page-level markup. The Asakawa Epistolary Network project is an experiment in the creation of a mid-sized network dataset by extracting the date, location, and sender/recipient of the letters of early 20th century Yale librarian and faculty member Kan'ichi Asakawa (PhD, 1902), located in Manuscripts and Archives.

All are welcome to this SCOPA forum.

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 22, 2014 4:18 PM

AUGUST 24, 2014

The Sterling Memorial Library nave reopens following a ‘spectacular’ restoration

On Monday, August 25, 2014, the magnificent entrance nave in Sterling Memorial Library (SML) reopens to the public, marking the completion of a major restoration project that has returned the nave to its original splendor and brought about improvements that will better serve the needs of library users in the twenty-first century. The restoration was made possible thanks to a generous gift from Richard Gilder ’54 and Lois Chiles, who made their gift in honor of President Emeritus Richard C. Levin ’74 PH.D. and Jane A. Levin ’75 PH.D.

Susan Gibbons, University Librarian commented, “We are enormously grateful to Richard Gilder and Lois Chiles for realizing this spectacular restoration, which has returned a cherished landmark to its original beauty and made our library more efficient, intuitive and welcoming. This is a historic day for all those who love and use this magnificent place.”

The centrality of SML on the Yale campus was the intent of architect James Gamble Rogers B.A. 1889. In designing the building, Rogers incorporated the Collegiate Gothic style that was prevalent on campuses throughout the United States, announcing that Yale, and its library, were world-class institutions that could rival Oxford and Cambridge, even if Yale was younger by several centuries. The windows of the nave, designed by G. Owen Bonawit, reinforced this message by illustrating important events from the history of Yale and of New Haven. But even though its design was gothic, SML opened in 1930 as a modern library that catered to the needs of Yale’s faculty and students. Banks of card catalogs filled the entire south aisle of the nave. The circulation desk, often mistaken for an altar by generations of visitors, stopped anyone from entering the bookstacks at a time when they were closed to everyone except library staff. Small “confessionals” near the High Street entrance to SML served as telephone booths. In the eighty-four years since SML first opened its doors, however, much has changed. Computer workstations and other technologies are ubiquitous and provide the means not only to look up the location of library materials, but also to access a rapidly expanding universe of electronic content. The book stacks have been open to members of the Yale community for many years now – the circulation desk no longer needs to serve as a barrier.

Continue reading "The Sterling Memorial Library nave reopens following a 'spectacular' restoration" >>

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 24, 2014 11:43 AM

AUGUST 25, 2014

Lewis Walpole Library welcomes new executive director

Nicole L. Bouché began her new position as W.S. Lewis Librarian and Executive Director of the Lewis Walpole Library on August 18. Upon her arrival, Ms. Bouché said:

"It is a pleasure to return to Yale University as the W.S. Lewis Librarian and Executive Director of the Lewis Walpole Library. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Farmington and New Haven, with the Library’s Board of Managers, and with the international community of scholars to advance the mission of the Lewis Walpole Library."

She added, "The Lewis Walpole Library’s world-class collections and residential fellowship programs, its Farmington campus, and its outstanding staff are an extraordinary legacy, attesting to the vision of the library’s founder, Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis and his wife, Annie Burr Lewis, and to the leadership and dedication of my predecessor LWL Librarians. It is a privilege, and an honor, to lead this remarkable institution in the next phase of its development, pursuing 'Lefty' Lewis’s vision of a center for 18th-century studies, or as he liked to say, 'Yale in Farmington.'”

Nicole can be reached at 860-677-2140 ext. 222 or by email at nicole.bouche@yale.edu

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 25, 2014 5:27 PM

AUGUST 27, 2014

Hand Papermaking with the Peace Paper Project

The Bibliographical Press at Yale University Library, and the Yale Program in the History of the Book at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, are delighted to offer a series of events about hand papermaking, which is open to the public.

Join artists Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan of the Peace Paper Project on Wednesday, September 3 and Thursday, September 4, 2014. Drew Matott received his MFA in Book & Paper Arts from Columbia College-Chicago and his BFA in Printmaking from the Buffalo State College. He co-founded the Green Door Studio, People's Republic of Paper, the Combat Paper Project, BluSeed Paper Mill, Free Your Mind Press, Peace Paper Project, and Panty Pulping. Margaret Mahan co-directs Peace Paper Project, with a focus on Panty Pulping. She received her BA in English from Saint Michael's College. She also studied with Antioch University in Bodh Gaya, India, and with the University of Rhode Island in Salamanca, Spain. Her love for poetry and creative writing brought her to be an editor for the Onion River Review, Vice President of Publications for the Friends of Dard Hunter, and a writer for Hand Papermaking, Inc. Matott and Mahan will be on the Yale campus for two days participating in multiple public events.

The morning of Wednesday, September 3 will feature historic papermaking techniques with five demonstrations scheduled on the half hour between 10 am and 12 noon. The two artists will work as a team to pull and couch sheets of paper from a vat of pulp, showing how paper was made in Europe for centuries. In the afternoon starting at 2pm, we invite the campus community to try their hand at pulling a sheet of paper and creating an image with the pulp painting process. With coaching from Matott and Mahan, everyone is welcome to create a unique sheet of paper, which will be available for pick-up from the Arts Library after it is dry. The artists will be creating the pulp from which the paper will be pulled using a bicycle-powered beater. Morning and afternoon papermaking events will be on the Beinecke Plaza.

Thursday, September 4 will present an opportunity for the campus community to see Peace Paper Project’s handmade paper in use at The Bibliographical Press at Sterling Memorial Library. The two artists and several “Bib Press” docents will present five letterpress printing demonstrations on the half hour between 10 am and 12 noon. Keepsakes will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Finally, join the artists in the Sterling Memorial Library International Room at 4pm to learn about the history and goals of the Peace Paper Project through an illustrated talk.

For more details, please contact Jae Rossman at jae.rossman@yale.eduor 203-432-4439

Posted by Amanda Patrick on August 27, 2014 2:39 PM

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