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Visit the Divinity Library's Nouwen Chapel

The Yale Divinity Library is one of the few libraries in the world that contains a prayer chapel. When the Divinity School was renovated in 2001, the former Byzantine chapel was included within the the library. Since it was impractical to make this space into a seminar room, the chapel was refurbished from donations from the students of Henri Nouwen, who was a professor at Yale Divinity School in the 1970s. The triptych showing Nouwen and those who influenced him (on the outside panels) reverencing the risen Christ (in the center panel), were specially commissioned for the Nouwen Chapel and painted by John Giuliani, a Jesuit priest living in Connecticut who paints icons featuring Native American spirituality. The Nouwen Chapel was rededicated on March 2, 2007. It is now used for some homiletics sections, for regularly scheduled worship services (such as evening prayer), and for private devotion. Feel free to visit when you're next at the Divinity Library, located at 409 Prospect Street, New Haven.

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