Y11-Y91 Gen​eral. Administration. Organization. Catalogs

Yale Memorabilia Collection


  • Undergraduate publication, see Yg
  • Alumni publications, see Yh10
  • Of various schools, see Yj
  • Of Yale Publishing Association, see Ynt71
Betts Collection  Broadsides
Y11     Bibliography (general by date; individual A-Z; Yc for 2nd copies)
Y12     Rules for printing
Y15        Charter, including Acts of the General Assembly of Connecticut respecting Yale College
Y16   Books about the Charter
Y20 Constitution and government, including name, seal, laws, etc.
A11      Orders and appointments
A12      Miscellaneous laws
A13     Laws in Latin
A14      Laws in English
Y21    Corporation (A11-29)
Y22 Standing committees (A11-29)
Y24 University committees and councils (A11-29)
Y26 Yale faculty as administrative body
Y27   Office of University Development
Y28 Alumni Board (A1-9; see Yh for Alumni activities)


Y31 General and Official reports (A11-59)
B1-49 Finance
B1 Report of Treasurer
B181-5 Bureau of Appointments
B21 Dining Hall
B31 Endowment
B37 Scholarships and Prizes
B39 Office of Counseling and Placement (later Career Advisory Offce); Fellowships
B41 Salaries and pensions; Federation of University Employees
C1-19 Secretary
  C10 Office of Development
  C12 Security
  C13 Yale Association of Class Secretaries
D1-3 Deans (now abolished; see under Yale College and special schools)
E1     Office of Selective Service
E2     Bureau for Foreign Nationals (now International Office)
Y32 Yale Benefactors and Donors (Class by Cutter no. for benefactor; Cutter on third line for author)
  H2 Edward Stephen Harkness
Y34 Affirmative Action Programs
H3     Handicapped
M5     Minority groups
S7     Staff Affirmative Action Advisory Committee

Policy and Organization

Y51 General: Aims, methods, etc. (including faculty handbooks)
Y52 Early requirements (to 1850)
Y54 Entrance requirements (A11-29)
Y55​ Board of Admissions
Y56 Registration, attendance, cuts, etc.
Y57 Examinations
Y58 Entrance examinations
Y59 Examinations for special courses
Y63 Honor system
Y64 Mental tests; predictability of success, etc.

Curriculum (A-Z) 

Special scheme with symbol for subject as 2nd line number of coll. no. For pamphlets, use 1 in 3rd line; for monographs, use date plus author initial. General works on entire curriculum, use monograph notation as 2nd line. Subject traced should always be:

1. Yale University--Curricula--[subject]

2. [Subject]--Study and teaching


     [Subject]--outlines, syllabi, etc.

B1      History
G13    Latin
Q1      Science
Y69 Miscellaneous concerts and lectures
Y71 Lectures and concerts in series (A-Z)
L97     Lyman Beecher lectures
N45     New Haven Symphony concerts
N45    New Haven Symphony concerts
Or5     Organ recitals
P53    Phi Beta Kappa Carol Society
Si3     Silliman lectures
W8     Woolsey Hall series
Y72 Yale Extension courses (see Department of Education at Yla)
Y73 Summer School (3 years, 1905-1907; include here later sessions (e.g. 1966)
A11-19 1905-1907
A21 later; use 3 digit date
Y75 Degrees and honors, including individual diplomas (see also individual schools)
Y76 Academic costume
Y81 University catalogs (general only A1-9)
Y83 Student directories
Y85 Other directories (A1-9); but alumni directories at Yb25; obituary record at Yb65)
Y86 Time-tables, schedules, etc. (A11-29)
Y87 Announcements, circulars, posters of all kinds and from all departments
Y88 Weekly bulletin, etc.
A21 Yale weekly bulletin and calendar (folio size: YY88 A21)
A3 Summer calendar
Y91 Publicity and press bulletins
Y92 Department of Auxiliary Services
T67 Yale Travel
Y93 Y.U. Business Management or University Functions
A2 Periodicals (A-Z)
A3 Monographs
Y94 Department of Human Resources
A2 Periodicals (A-Z)
Y95 Office of University Safety