Ys-Yz Writings by Yalies; Yzz Institutions and Periodicals With Which Yalies Are Connected

Ys Serial Collections (A-Z)​
  Am3 Yale publications in American studies
  An8 Yale University publications in anthropology
  An9+ Yale anthropological studies
  Ar8 Art, lux, et veritas
  At8 Yale studies in attitude and communication
  B47-B476 Yale bicentennial publications
  B79-B791 Brooks-Bright Foundation
  C48 Yale studies of the city
  C54 Yale classical monographs
  C55-C56 Yale classical studies
  C6 College comedies
  C68 Yale College series
  C75 Yale journal of criticism
  C76 Yale conservation studies
  D14 Seventy seven (New Haven, Conn. : 1909)
  D15 Daily themes yearbook
  Ec7 Yale publications in economics, social science and government
  Ec71 Yale economic essays
  Ec74 Yale series in economic history
  Ec8 Yale studies in economics
  Eg9 Yale Egyptological studies
  En3 Yale Studies in English
  F74 Freud lectures at Yale University
  G31 Yale Germanic studies
  H46 Henry L. Stimson lectures
  H62 Yale historical publications. Manuscripts and edited texts
  H63 Yale historical publications. Miscellany
  H64 Yale historical publications. Studies
  H65 Yale publications in the history of art
  H66 Yale historical publications. The Wallace Notestein essays
  J61-J62 John A. Porter University prize essays
  L38 Yale Law School studies
  L64 Yale linguistic series
  M23 Yale mathematical monographs
  M49 Men of Yale series
  M5 Merchant seamen studies
  M58 Microscope
  M9 Yale studies in the history of music
  M93 Music theory translation series
  N21 Studies in national policy  
  Or61 Yale oriental series. Researches
  Or62 Yale oriental series. Babylonian texts
  P21+ Parabalou
  P27 Patterson prize essays
  P69 Yale plays
  P75 Yale studies in political science
  P76 Yale papers in political science
  P93 Yale University prize poem
  R279 Yale studies in religious education
  R3 Yale studies in religion
  R31 Yale publications in religion
  R66 Yale Romanic studies
  R67 Yale Romanic studies. French series
  R92 Yale Russian and East European studies
  Sce6 Yale scene. University series
  Sch6 Scholars of the house series
  Sci3 Yale series in the sciences
  Se5 Undergraduate prize essays or Senior departmental essays
  Se6 Yale series of younger poets
  Se8 Seventy seven; a short story magazine
  Sf5 S4N
  So13 Yale University. Department of the Social Sciences. Publications
  So8 Yale Southeast Asia studies
  St6 Storrs lectures on jurisprudence
  T64 Tools and methods of comparative research
  T66 Townsend essay
  W45 Yale studies on white-collar crime
Yta-Ytm Monograph collections by Faculty (see scheme at Yba-Ybm)

Books owned  by Yalies (divide as in Yz)

Yz Yale College (i.e. B.A. or Ph.B. by class)
Yza Sheffield  Scientific School (by class)
Yzb Doctors of Philosophy (A-Z)
Yzc Masters of Arts (A-Z)
Yzd Engineers (A-Z)
Yze Masters of Science (A-Z)
Yzf Ex-graduates (A-Z)
Yzg Architecture
Yzh Medicine (by class)
Yzi Law: Bachelors (by class)
Yzj Law: Masters; Doctors; Doctors of Civil Law
Yzk Divinity (by class)
Yzl Art (by class)
Yzm Music (by class)
Yzn Forestry (by class)
Yzp School of Nursing (by class)
Yzr Certificates (A-Z)
Yzy Honorary Degrees (A-Z)
Yzz Writings of faculty and officers who have no Yale degree (i.e. President Clap; A-Z)
Yzz9 Institutions and periodicals with which Yalies are connected (A-Z)
  Ag3 Age of science
  Am34 American Association of Engineers
  Am35 American journal of science
  Am39 American Schools of Oriental Research
  B6-B64 Yale editions of the private papers of James Boswell
  C15 Cambios Phideo
  C18 Career : an annual guide to business opportunities
  C23 Carol Society, New Haven
  C4 United States. Army. Chemical Warfare Service. Medical Division
  C73 Committee on the War and the Religious Outlook
  C761 Connecticut Audio-Visual Education Association
  E38 Works of Jonathan Edwards
  En3 English Institute
  F2 Fat abbot
  F8 Franco-American review
  F84 Papers of Benjamin Franklin
  F9 Furioso
  G18 Gargoyle
  H26 Harvard University. Commission to Advise on the Future of Psychology at Harvard
  H7 Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven
  Id2 Ideas; a students' philosophical journal
  In6 Insurance world
  J25 Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research
  J48 Jewish journal at Yale
  J63 Yale edition of the works of Samuel Johnson
  J66 Yale Ben Jonson
  J8 Journal of the history of medicine and allied sciences
  L3 Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning
  M6 Miscellany
Monday Evening Club, Hartford, Conn.
  M8-M81 Yale edition of the works of St. Thomas More
  N2 New Englander and Yale review
  N21 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
  N3 New Haven Colony Historical Society
  O73 Orim
  P38 Penny poems
  P4 Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.
  Q2 Quarterly journal of studies on alcohol
  R33 Radiocarbon
  Sch65N School Mathematics Study Group newsletter
  Sp65 Splatter!
  St25 St. Paul's Parish, New Haven
  St3 Yale edition of the unpublished writings of Gertrude Stein
  Sw5 Swinburne correspondence
  Un3 University Quarterly
  V6p Viking Fund publications in anthropology
  W3 Yale edition of Horace Walpole's correspondence
  W8 World politics
  Y116 Yale Near Eastern researches
  Y2 Yale Western Americana series