Yj Freshman Year

Yj10​ Periodicals (Undergraduate publications, see Yg)
Yj11 Bibliography
Yj31 Administration
A2 Reports of the dean
A27 Counselors
B14 Housing, rooms, etc.
B37 Scholarships, prizes, fellowships, etc. (see also Y31 B37)
Yj51 General policy and organization; including history 
Yj61 Rules, regulations, etc.
Yj65 Courses of study
Yj71 Lectures limited to Freshmen (A-Z); see Y71 for General University lectures
T3 Ralph Hill Thomas memorial lectures
Yj75 Honors
Yj81 Catalogs, etc. (A1-9); see Yg17 for Student handbooks (Undergraduate publications), and, Yba Freshman yearbooks (Collective biography)
Yj83 Directories; lists of instructors, classes, etc. (A11-19) 
Yj91 Clubs (Freshmen only; see Yeg for other Clubs & Societies)