Yp Allied Organizations; Yr Miscellaneous memorabilia

Yp10 Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu
Yp11 American Oriental Society
Yp12 Berkeley Divinity School
Yp13 Brick Row Book Shop
Yp14 Betsy Ross Nursery School
Yp15 Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences
Yp16 Forest History Society
Yp17 Expeditions (A-Z)
D9 Dura-Europos
  E5 Egypt
  F5 Fishing the Pacific
  G3 Gerasa (Jordan)
  I3 Yale North India Expedition
  I4 Yale-Cambridge India expedition
  N8 Yale Prehistoric Expedition to Nubia
  P1 Joint Yale-British School Expeditions to Jerash
  P4 Peru
Yp18 Travel trips arranged for Yale students
Yp19 Faculty Club
Yp21 Other clubs (A-Z;); but see Yeg7.E3 for the Elizabethan Club
As78 Associates in the Science of Society at Yale (William Graham Sumner Club)
B53 Antiquarian book dealers in Connecticut
C67 Colby Club
D3 Deer Island Club Corporation
F7 Yale Film Society
F77 Forty-Two Club
G31 German Book Club
G7 Graduate Club Association
J9 Judas discussion group
M46 Mediaevalists
Or4 Oriental Club of New Haven
So13 Social Science Club
St9 Stuart Supper Club
W6 Yale Workers' Club of the U.S. Communist Party
Y16 Yale Choral Society
Y2 Yale Dames
Y4 Yale Staff News
Y5 Faculty Wives Guild
Y6 Yale University Women's Organization
Yp23 John B. Pierce Foundation
Yp24 Mac Users' Group
Yp25 Mory’s Association (including Moriartys)
Yp26 Seven Springs Center
Yp27 Yale Graduate Placement Bureau, Inc. (New York)
Yp29 Yale Co-Operative Corporation
Yp30 Yale Savings League
Yp31 Whitlock’s, inc.
Yp32 Saint Thomas More House & Chapel
Yp37 Yale-in-China Association
Yp41 Seneca County Church Music Association
Yp43 Yale-Reid Hall Summer seasons in Paris
Yp46 Yale Summer High School
Yp51 Meetings of learned societies at Yale (A-Z)
Ag8 Agricultural Convention New Haven
Al8 American Alumni Council
Am62 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. New Haven Section
Am7 Conference on "America's Human Resources to Meet the Scientific Challenge"
An8 Antiquarian & Landmarks Society, Inc. of Connecticut
Ar2 Archaeological Institute of America
As8 American Astronomical Society
Au8 American Automobile Association
C17 Advertising Council
C18 Yale Conference in Careers in Government
C33 International Society for Cell Biology
C35 Challenge
C42 American Chemical Society. New Haven Section
C43 American Child Hygiene Association
C49 Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers
C68 College Art Association of America
C69 Association of Colleges in New England
C76 Connecticut Teachers College Summer Session
D99 Summer Institute in Dynamical Astronomy
Ea7 Eastern Public Speaking Conference
Ec7 Graduate training in economics
En29 American Society for Engineering Education
En3 Yale Conference on the Teaching of English
Es66 Col·loqui d'Estudis Catalans a Nord-Amèrica
F68 American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
F7 Connecticut Forest and Park Association
F8 Yale-Barnard Conference on the Teaching of French
F9 Conference for Fulbright Scholars
G29 Geological Society of America
H62 American Historical Association
In5 Conference on Industrial Electrical Heat Treating
In8 Yale Conference on International Relations
In82 Connecticut Council on International Relations
L49 Lecture-Seminar-Conference on the Education of the American Negro and the African Native
L52 Conference on Legal Problems of International Financing
L64 Linguistic Society of America
M43 American Mathematical Society
M47 American Academy of Medicine
M7 Modern Language Association
  M72 New England Modern Language Association
  M85 Motor Vehicle Traffic Conference
  M9 International Federation of Music Students
  M91 International Musicological Society
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)  
  N24 American Society of Naturalists
  P19 Pan-American Scientific Congress
  P54 American Philological Association
  P69 Conference on Advanced Placement in History
  P95 American Psychological Association
  P96 Public Affairs Conference
  Se5 General Semantics Seminar and Colloquium
  Sh9 Harry Shulman Conference
  So13 Yale Conference on the Teaching of Social Studies
  Un3 American Association of University Professors
  Y13 Yale-Life Conference on House Building Technics

American Studies at Yale University for Foreign Students

Yp62 Yale Foreign Student Institute
Yp63 Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Yp64 Yale Afro-American Cultural Center
Yp70 Walter Camp Football Foundation
Yp80 Schell Center for International Human Rights
Yp91 Books marked “Yale edition”
Yr Miscellaneous Yale memorabilia to be kept intact (e.g. Hamil gift)