Yh Alumni Activities

use Y28 for the Alumni Advisory Board

Yh10 Alumni periodicals, etc. (use Ynt71 for Yale Review under Yale Publishing Association)
  A12 Yale alumni weekly
  A13-A14 Yale reading lists
  A16 Yale reprints
  A2 Yale alumni magazine
  B58+ Blue print : the newsletter of the Association of Yale Alumni
  G74 Yale great teachers series

Associations & graduate clubs. General

  • but use Yp 21 Graduates Club

Yha11 Yale Alumni Association
Yha12 Alumni University Fund Association (but see Y31.C13 Yale Association of Class Secretaries
  A12 Annual report
  A13 Annual appeal for funds
  A17 Yale Alumni Fund Newsletter: A Word to the Y's  
  A2 Yale alumni fund reporter
Yha21 Others (A-Z)
B4 Bergen County and Vicinity
B59 Yale Alumni Association of Boston and Vicinity
B6-B63 Yale Club of Boston
B7 Brooklyn
B9 Buffalo
C19 California
C2 Southern California
C43 Yale Club of Chicago
C432 Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club of Chicago
C44 China
C49 Cincinnati
C59 Cleveland
C7 Colorado
D24 Darien Area
E7 Essex County (N.J.)
F1 Fairfield County, Conn.  
F11 Eastern Fairfield County
F8 France
G8 Greenwich
H1 Hartford
In2 Indiana
J1 Japan
K13 Kansas City
L8 Long Island
M15 Maryland
M38 Central and Western Massachusettts
M58 Michigan
N19 Naugatuck Valley
N42 New Canaan
N43 Associated New England Yale Clubs
N44 New Hampshire
N45 Yale Club of New Haven
N456 New Jersey
N46 New London County
N48 Yale Club of New York City
N481 Yale Club of New York City. Library and Arts Committee
N484 Northeastern New York
N81 Northwest
P11 Pacific Coast
P12 Pacific Northwest
P381 Northeastern Pennsylvania
P5 Yale Alumni Association of Philadelphia
P51 Yale Club of Philadelphia
P68 Pittsburgh
R3 Rhode Island
R58 Rochester, N.Y. 
S2 St. Louis
S8 Associated Southern Yale Clubs
S9 South-West
Sc15 Scrantan (Pa.)  
Su6 Yale Club of the Suncoast
Sy8 Syracuse
V5 Vermont
W27 Washington (D.C.)
W28 Washington (State)
W29 Waterbury
W5 Associated Western Yale Clubs
  W52 Westchester County and Greenwich (Conn.)  
  W88 Worcester (Mass.)
  W9 Wyoming Valley
Yha24 Groups of Alumni by profession (A-Z)
  D6 Divinity School. Alumni Association
  D7 Yale Drama Alumni Association
  E4 Yale Engineering Association
  F7 School of Forestry. Alumni Association
  L1 Yale Law School Association
  L13 Yale Law School Association of New York City
Yale Law School Association of Washington, D. C.  
  M19 Yale Therapeutical Society
  M2 Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine
  N8-N9 School of Nursing Alumnae Association
  Su6 William Graham Sumner Club
  W27 Yale Alumni Association : Washington
Yha27 Preparatory clubs
  Sp8 Yale Club of Springfield (Preparatory)
Yha29 Special activities (A-Z)
N2 National Yale Alumni Placement Service
  Y2 Yale Alumni Placement Service
Yha31 Commission on Alumni Affairs (appointed by Yale Corporation)
A12 Its Report
A3 AYA (Organization) report to the Yale alumni on alumni activities
Yha35 Miscellaneous (e.g. general reunions)