YL Departments and Institutions

  • Yale Art Gallery, use Yjg (School of Fine Arts)
YLa Dept. of Education (Graduate School)
YLa10 Periodicals
YLa11 Bibliography
YLa31 Administration. Official reports (A1-9)
YLa51 General policy & organization, including history
YLa65 Curriculum
YLa71 Lectures
YLa81 Catalogs, etc.
  A2  Courses of study
  A4  Summer institutes
YLa91 Clubs
YLa95 Yale Psycho-Clinic (became Clinic of Child Development, YLc95)
YLb Institute of ​Psycho​logy

 (became Dept. of Psychology in Institute of Human Relations, YLc)

YLb10 Periodicals
YLb81 Announcements
YLbi Biology
YLc Institute of ​H​uman ​Relations
YLc10 Periodicals
YLc31 Administration. Official reports (A1-9)
YLc51 General policy & organization, including history
YLc81 Catalogs
YLc93 Clubs
YLc95 Clinic of Child Development
YLc96 Child Study Center
  S9+ date  Child Study Center Symposia
YLd African-American Studies
  YLd10 Periodicals
  YLd81 Catalogs
YLe East-Asian​ Stud​ies
  YLe10 Periodicals
YLec Computer  Science
  YLec10 Periodicals
YLen Council on​ Engineering
  YLen10 Periodicals
  YLen51 General policy & organization, including history
  YLen81 Catalogs
YLf Anthr​opo​logy Dep​t.

[conflict w/Yale Film Studies—use YLfi?]

YLf10 Periodicals
YLf51 General policy & organization, including history
YLi Italian Studies
  YLi10 Periodicals
YLia Dept. of Ind​ustrial Administration
  YLia10 Periodicals
  YLia31 Administration. Official reports (A1-9)
YLj Judaic St​udies
  YLj10 Periodicals
YLm Dept. of Mi​​crobiology
  YLm10 Periodicals (A-Z)
YLp Yale Center for British Art
YLp10 Periodicals
YLp31 Administration. Official Reports (A1-9)
YLp41 Paul Mellon Centre
YLp51 General policy & organization, including history
YLp95 Individual artists (generally exhibitions)
YLr13 Bureau of Highway Traffic
YLr14 Institute of Far Eastern Languages
YLr15 Institute of International Studies
YLr16 Judaica Research on the Rabinowitz Foundation
YLr17 Labor and Management Center
YLr18 Cowles Foundation
YLr19 Economic Growth Center (A11-19)
YLr20 Dept. of Chemical Engineering
YLr21 Human Relations Area Files
YLr23 International Security Studies
YLr25 National Research Council - Yale Aeromedical Research Unit
YLr26 Center for Systems Science

(the only Yale class record for this institute was assigned YLr28)

YLr27 Dept. of Applied Physics
YLr28 Dept. of Electrical Engineering
YLr29 Institute for Socia​l & Political Studies
A11-19 Institute of Social Sciences
B11-19 Center for the Study of Education
C11-19 Center for the Study of the City
D11-19 Bioethics
YLr31 Antil​les Residential Program
A11 Periodicals (A-Z)
A13 General policy & organization, including history
YLr32 Center for International and Area Studies
C11-19 Council on African Studies
YLr33 Yale-Wesleyan Southern African Research Program
A19 Books published by ARP (A-Z by author)
YLr35 Dept. of Engineering & Applied Science
YLr40 Dept. of Internal Medicine
YLr45 Center for International Human Rights
YLs Dept. of Sla​vic Languages and Literatures
  10 Periodicals (A-Z)
  91 Council for Russian & East European Studies
  92 Connecticu​t Russian and East European Community Outreach
  93 Connecticut Assoc​​iation for the Advancement of Russian and East European Studies
YLs13 H2 Dept. of​ History
YLs16 C65 International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
YLsa11 Institute of S​acred Musi​c
YLso Dept. of ​Sociol​ogy​
YLw4 West Cam​pus
C3 Institute for Cancer Biology
C45 Cell Biology
C46 Chemical Biology
M54 Microbial Diversity
S9 Systems Biology
YLw51 Whitney Hu​manities Center