Yc Biography, Individual

Includes portraits and genealogies of individuals; but presidents always Yb13 and faculty members Yb15 or with class Yca-Ycz if Yale graduate

Yca Yale College B.A. and Ph.B. (by class) 
Ycb Sheffield Scietific School Ph.B. & B.S. (by class)
Ycc   Doctors of Philosophy (A-Z)
Ycd       Masters of Arts (A-Z)
Yce   Engineers (A-Z)
Ycf Masters of Science (A-Z)
Ycg   Ex-graduates: special students, research fellows, etc. (A-Z)
Ych School of Architecture
Yci School of Medicine (by class)
Ycj School of Law; bachelors (by class)
Yck School of Law; higher degrees (A-Z)
Ycl Divinity School (by class)
Ycm School of​ Fine Arts including School of Drama until 1956 (by class)
Ycn School of Music (by class)
Ycp Forestry School (by class)
Ycr School of Nursing (by class)
Ycx Certificates (A-Z)
Ycy Honorary degrees - biographical (A-Z)
Ycz Yale benefactors (e.g. Elihu Yale; but Yb15 for Yale founders and fellows)