Yg Undergraduate Publications

(use Yja43 for publications by the colleges; Ys-Yz for writings by Yale graduates)

Yg11 Annuals (A-Z)
  A214 Afrika now
  A218 Amicus
  A3+ Yale art magazine
  A37 Asian journal at Yale
  A45 Alliance
  A64+ Journal of American contemporary culture
  Al2 Yale naughty-gal all man ax
  Al21 Yale almanac
  An3 Yale anglers' journal
  B2-B3 Yale banner
  B496 Yale bioethics journal
  B59 Yale business bulletin
  B8 Bulletin of Yale College
  C3 Yale Chinese American journal
  C68+ College courant
  C7 Comment
  C83+ Yale courant
  C86 Criterion
  C865 Critic
  C877 Crossing boundaries
  D47 Dergi
  D475 Design at Yale : DAY
  D48 Development
  D56 Dimensions
  D63 Discourses
  E36 Yale economic review
  E47 Yale journal of ethics : YJE
  Ec6 Yale economics & business review
  El3 Eli
  El41 Eli Rundschau
  En75 Yale entrepreneur
  Ep1 Yale epitome
  Ep5 Yale epicurean
  Et8 Et Veritas
  F38 Fatale
  F55+ Yale film quarterly
  F7 Yale freshman weekly
  G56 Global six
  G941 Yale guide
  G942 Yale-Harvard and Princeton guide
  I58 Insiders' guide to the colleges
  In3 Yale index
  P86 Yale pot-pourri
  T59 Yale tomahawk
  Y2 Yale year book
Yg15 Periodicals (A-Z)
A3 Yale art magazine
An8 Antigones
As4 Asian American journal at Yale
B53 Black + white
C71 College cricket
C72 Compás
C78 Counterpoint
E47 Yale journal of ethics
Ec5 Ecocentric
El43 Elihu
F21 Faith
F46 '54 - '58
F7 Yale freshman weekly
G25 Gaze
G317 Yale German review
G55 Yale global health review
G56 Yale globalist
G767 Yale graphic
G85 Guidepost
H35 Harlequin magazine
H45 Helicon
H5 Hey! Zeus!
H55 Hillel update
H62+ Yale historical journal
H67 Yale historical review
H78 Yale hornet
H85 / H853 Yale journal of human rights
In15 Yale international forum
In2 Internship listing booklet
In5 International forum at Yale
Is7 Yale Israel journal
Is8 Issue
Iv9 Ivy magazine
J53 Yale journal of anthropology
J535 Yale journal of economics
J57 Yale journal of world affairs
J68 Journal of literary translation
J69 Journal of political thought
K67 Korean American journal
L2 Yale Latin American and Iberian journal
L37 Yale Latin America review
L55 Light and truth
L59 Linonia
L65 Like a girl
L7 / L712 Yale literary magazine
M37 Margins
M43 Yale journal of medicine & law
M9 My tongue
N42 New Haven guide
N47 Yale daily news/Yale news
  N48 Yale daily news magazine
  P44 Penny dreadful
  P45 Yale philosophy review
  P67 Point
  P72 Politic
  P73 Yale political journal
  P75 Yale political magazine/Yale political monthly/Yale political quarterly
  P83 P.H. : The Yale Journal of Public Health
  P89 Yale journal of pretentious free-association
  Q837 Quarterly review
  R244 Revelasians
  R245 Yale record
  R3 Yale review
  R303 Review of European & transatlantic affairs
  R305 Yale review of international studies : YRIS
  R64 Roe Cloud
  R85 Rumpus
  S38 Sassy
  S49 Sex Week at Yale
  Sa8 Yale Saturday evening pest
  Sc6 Scrutiny
  St2 Yale standard
  St72 Stonehenge review
  T6 Touché
  T75 Touchstone
  U49 Yale undergraduate film review
  Un3 Yale undergraduate law review
  Ur73 Urim v'tumim = Urim ṿe-tumim
  V35 Yale vanguard
  V47 Yale vernacular
  V475 Vino/veritas
  W13 Waif
  W55 William F. Buckley, Jr. Essay Contest
  W63 Women of the Ivy League
  W64 Yale woman
  Y2 Yale freshman monthly
  Y67 York Street muse
Yg17 Annuals for students
  E68 Entrepreneurship at Yale!
  G95 Yale man's guide book
  I58 International development studies
  Y25 Freshwomen's booklet
Yg19 Non serials (e.g. Yale Record Book of Verse); use Ydh for poetry and fiction about Yale