Yna-Ynd Libraries


University Library

Yna10 Periodicals, etc.
  +B5 Bibliography series
  E8 ETC newsletter
  N68 Nota bene
  +S35 Science imprint
  T73+ Trends and directions
  W4+ Weekly accessions list
  +W46 Western Americana series
  W5 Western historical series
Yna11 Bibliography
Yna12 A58 Yale Alumni Fund
Yna13 Administration & organization. Official reports (A1-9)
  A1 Report of the University Librarian
  A2+ Librarian's bulletin
  +D63 YUL telephone directory
Yna14 Rules, regulations, specimen forms, etc.
Yna15 History & Description (see Ydp for Buildings)
Yna16 Catalogs
Yna17 Classification
Yna19 Staff Association
  Y2b+ Bulletin
  Y2n+ Staff news
  Y2p M & PSA news notes
  Y3p+ PSA news notes
Yna21 Miscellaneous; lists of gifts, notices, appeals, funds, special collecting, guides to subject matter.
Yna25 Exhibitions
Yna29 Special collections (A-Z)
A47+ African Collection
A68 South East Asian Collection
Al7 Altschul collection of George Meredith
Am3 Yale Collection of American Literature
An2 Andrews Memorial Loan Library
B64 Bookplates of William Fowler Hopson
B7 Society of Brothers in Unity (Yale College)
C7 Conrad memorial library of George T. Keating
H57 Historical Manuscripts newsletter
H62 Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings
H8 Howard Wright collection
J1 Yale Association of Japan
J63 James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection of Negro Arts and Letters
J8 Judaica collection
K57 Kissinger Archives and the Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy at Yale University
L2 Landberg collection
L34-L351 Latin American Collection
L6 Linonian Society (L&B)
  M2 Map Collection
  M3 Mason-Franklin collection
  M9 Literature of the American Musical Theatre
  P39 Pequot Library (Southport, Conn.)
  R35 Riant (Scandinavian) collection
  S31 William A. Speck Collection of Goetheana
  S61 Slavic collection
  S68 Southeast Asia
  S78 Spanish American literature
  St4 Robert Louis Stevenson Collection
  St5 Ezra Stiles papers
  V53 Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
  W4 Western historical series
Yna31 Books acquired at an early date before 1800, but too late for the 1742 library
Yna32 Individual items in the Yale library
Yna33 Bibliographical Press
Yna35 Library clubs and societies (A-Z)
A7 Yale Library Associates
J2 Jared Eliot Association
Yna37 Special topics
  963Y Selective book retirement program

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Yna50 Periodicals, etc.
Yna51 Bibliography
Yna53 Administration & organization. Official reports (A1-9)
Yna54 Rules, regulations, specimen forms, etc.
Yna55 History & description (see Ydp for Buildings)
Yna56 Catalogs
Yna57 Classification
Yna59 Miscellaneous; lists of gifts, notices, appeals, funds
Yna60 Exhibitions
Yna62 Special collections (A-Z)
A4 Collection of American Literature
B2 Babylonian
B4 Beinecke Collection
J63 James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection
P69 Ezra Pound Papers
R4 Reese Collection
R63 Rochambeau
R67 Rosenthal
S6 Spinelli Family Archive
S74 Stevenson, R.L.
T39 Taylor
T63 Tocqueville Collection
V2 Van Vechlen Papers
Yna64 Individual items in the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscripts Library (A-Z)
Yna67 Special topics (A-Z)
  W56 + year Windham Campbell Prizes

Sheffield Scientific School Library

  11 Miscellaneous pamphlets
  16 Catalogs

School of Medicine Library

  Ynb20 Periodicals & Official Reports
    A2+ Yale Medical Library Committee minutes
    Ac2+ Yale Medical Library bulletin
    B8 Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library bulletin  
  Ynb21 Miscellaneous publications on the Medical Library
    A2 Annual reports
    A4 Users' guide
    A7 Associates of the Yale Medical Library
  Ynb25 Associates of the Yale Medical Library
  Ynb27 Historical Library
    A1 Annual reports

Divinity School Library

  Ynb30 Periodicals
    Oc3 Occasional publication
  Ynb31 General
  Ynb36 Day Missions Library
  Ynb37 Sneath
  Ynb38 Trowbridge

Law School Library

  Ynb40 Periodicals (A-Z)
  Ynb41 General
  Ynb46 Cole
  Ynb47 Wheeler

Art School Library

  Ynb60 Periodicals
  Ynb61 General; reports, history, lists, etc.
Ynb 66

School of Drama Library

Ynb 68

Yale Film Study Center 


School of Music Library

  Ynb70 Periodicals
  Ynb71 General
  Ynb76 Special (A-Z)
    C65 Cole Porter Collection
    M3 Lowell Mason Library of Music

Forestry School Library

  Ynb80 Periodicals
  Ynb81 General
  Ynb86 Special

School of Nursing Library

  Ynb90 Periodicals
    N87 Yale nursing matters
  Ynb91 General
  Ynb95 Special

School of Engineering Library

  Ynb96 Periodicals
  Ynb97 General
  Ynb98 Special

Other Libraries (A-Z)

  B7 Branford College
  C1c Calliopean Society
  C5 Classical Club
  C7 Connecticut Hall
  C75 Bass (Cross Campus Library)
  D27 Davenport College
  Ec7 Economic Growth Center
  G25 Geology Library
  In3 Independent Library
  L4 Lewis Walpole Library
  M7 Moral Society (Yale College). Library
  Os12 Osborn Botanical Laboratory
  P52 Phenix Society
  P75 Political Science Research Library
  S5 Sloane Physics Laboratory

University collections & Exhibitions

(not belonging to special departments)

  A11-19 General
  A2-Z Special
    A7 African American studies
    B1-B14 Babylonian Collection
    C2 Cary Collection (playing cards)
    C7 Thomas B. Clarke Collection of Military Decorations
    C8 Numismatic Collection
    K6 Frederick R. Koch Collection
    M8 Schambach-Kaston collection of musical instruments
    P5 Scientific apparatus and instruments
    P8 Portraits
    St35 Morris Steinert Collection of Musical Instruments
    St64 Rebecca Darlington Stoddard Collection of Vases