Yd History and Description

Yda Comprehensive and modern, 1850-
Ydb   Early to 1850
Ydc   Comprehensive descriptive works (i.e. not historical in treatment; e.g. Welch's Yale, her campus)


Ydd1​ Relations to politics
Ydd2 Yale in American Revolution, Civil War, World War, etc.  (By date of war) (e.g. Ydd2 939 all material in World War II; +1 = pamphlets; +2 = minor publications of ASTP)
A11-19 Bureau of Military Information and other administrative agencies
A21-29 U.S. Army & Air Force Training School, Yale University
Ydd3 Yale Batteries
Ydd4 Civic relations (“Town & Gown,” etc.)
Ydd5 Relations to education, science, etc.
Ydd6   Relations to social problems
Ydd7   Drinking problems
Ydd8   Radio broadcasting and the like
Ydd9   Participations in Expositions
Ydf    Reminiscences, diaries, etc. of life at Yale (by date); see Yb71 for Autograph albums, and Yez for Scrapbooks 
Ydh Comic histories, fiction, poetry, etc. about Yale (by date)
Ydj Guidebooks and souvenir views, including Yale University Press Almanac (by date)
Ydl    Maps, views, building programs, etc. (by date)
Ydp    Particular buildings, places, etc. (A-Z)
Ar65 Act Gallery
Ar7 Gallery of Fine Arts
Ar75 Art and Architecture Building
B6 Yale Bowl

Yale Center for British Art

C76 Connecticut Hall
G89-G9 Payne Whitney Gymnasium
D58 Divinity Quadrangle
In4 David S. Ingalls Rink
L38-L4 Yale Law School
  L61 Yale Library building
  L62 Sterling Memorial Library
  M31-M51 Memorial Quadrangle and Harkness Memorial Tower
  S5 Sloane Physical Laboratory
  Un4 University Theatre
  W75 Arthur Williams Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory
  W86 Woodbridge Hall
  W88 Woolsey Hall and Newberry Memorial Organ
Ydr    Yale plate, china, jewelry, etc.
Ydx     Places named after Yale (e.g. Mt. Yale, Colorado)