Ye Student Life and Customs





  Yec1 Account books (by date)
  Yec2 Self-support, etc., including student agencies (for Bureau of Appointments, see Y31 B18)
  Yec9 Other special topics (for Student housing, rooms, etc., see Yja31 B14)


  Yed1 History, Comprehensive & Modern, 1850-
  Yed2 Early to 1850
  Yed3 Yale University Athletic Association
  Yed32 Yale Women's Athletic Organization
  Yed35 Board of Athletic Control
  Yed37 Yale University Athletic Committee
  Yed38 Inter-College Athletic Council
  Yed4 Athletic clubs and associations (A-Z)
    B291 Baseball Club
    B47 Bicycle Club
    C81 Yale Corinthian Yacht Club
    D9 Dunham Club
    M6 Minor Athletic Association
    T4 Yale College (1718-1887). Thulia Club
    T6 Yale Track Association
    Y1 "Y" Club
    Y11 Yale Athletic Club
    Y12 Yale University Boat Club
    Y13 Yale Navy of New Haven
    Y2 Yale Football Y Association
  Yed5 Particular sports (A-Z); for gymnastic exhibitions, see Ynp17
    B2 Cycling
    B3 Baseball
    B4 Basketball
    B43 Basketball for women 
    C7 Croquet
    F3 Fencing
    F53 Field hockey
    F7 Football
    G5 Golf
    G73 Gymnastics
    H19 Handball
    H6 Hockey
    H63 Hockey for women
    L11 Lacrosse
    L113 Lacrosse for women
    R4 Rifle practice
    R7 Regattas/Rowing
    S10 Softball
    S2 Soccer
    S23 Soccer for women
    S25 Skiing
    S3 Squash
    S33 Squash for women
    S8 Swimming
    T2 Tennis
    T23 Tennis for women
    T6 Track and field
    V6 Volleyball
    W6 Wicket
  Yed7 Non-athletic games
    C4 Chess

Clubs & Greek-Letter societies

(See also special professional clubs under the professional school, e.g. Yjk92 for Forest Club)

  Yeg1 National; Yale chapters (A-Z)
    A1 Acacia Fraternity. Yale Chapter
    A2 Alpha Chi Rho. Phi Delta Chapter
    A23 Alpha Chi Sigma. Chi Chapter
    A4 Alpha Delta Phi. Yale Chapter
    +A7d Alpha Phi Omega. Delta Nu Chapter
    A8 Alpha Sigma Phi (Fraternity). Alpha Chapter
    B7 Beta Theta Pi. Phi Chi Chapter
    C43 Chi Phi. Omicron Chapter
    C46 Chi Psi. Alpha Kappa Delta Chapter
    D34 Delta Kappa Upsilon. Phi Chapter
    D341 Delta Kappa. Alpha Chapter
    D381 Delta Kappa Epsilon. Phi Chapter
    D6 Delta Phi. Omicron Chapter
    D7 Delta Psi. Sigma Chapter
    G14 Gamma Alpha Graduate Scientific Fraternity. Yale Chapter
    K8 Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Kappa Chapter
    N8 Nu Sigma Nu. Delta Epsilon Iota Chapter
    P3 Phi Gamma Delta. Nu Deuteron Chapter
    P4 Phi Delta Phi. Corbey Court
    P6 Phi Beta Kappa. Connecticut Alpha
    P8 Phi Sigma Kappa. Epsilon Chapter
    P95-951 Psi Upsilon. Beta chapter
    S12 Sigma Xi. Yale Chapter
    S14 Sigma Delta Psi. Yale Chapter
    T19 Tau Beta Pi. Connecticut Alpha
    T34 Theta Xi. Beta Chapter
    Z6 Zeta Beta Tau (Fraternity). Alpha Lambda Chapter
    Z7 Zeta Psi Fraternity. Eta Chapter
  Yeg2 Local secret societies (A-Z)
    A12 Aurelian Honor Society
    B25 Berzelius Society
    B6 Hē boulē
    C43 Chi Delta Theta
    D2 Delta Beta Xi
    E3 Elihu Club
    E6 Eta Phi
    G5 Yale College (1718-1887). Gamma Nu
    K12 Kappa Beta Phi. Alpha Chapter
    K13 Kappa Psi
    K15 Kappa Sigma Theta
    K61 Scroll and Key (Society) (Kingsley Trust Association)
    P51 Wolf's Head Society (Phelps Trust Association)
    P54 Book and Bond
    P56 Yale College (1718-1887). Phi Theta Psi
    R9 Order of Skull & Bones (Russell Trust Association)
    S12 Spade and Grave (Society)
    S4 Sigma Delta. Zeta Chapter
    S41 Sigma Delta Chi
    T6 Torch Honor Society
    W9 Wrexham Foundation
  Yeg3 Dramatic societies (A-Z)
    B1 Les Baladins
    D7 Dramatic Association
    F1 F Society
    N4 New Productions
    P6 Playcraftsmen
    T3 Les Thélémites
  Yeg4 Musical clubs including Yale University band (A-Z)
    B1 Yale Band
    B2 Beethoven Society
    B4 Beethoven Club
    G3 Yale Glee and Banjo Club Association
    G4 Yale Glee Club
    H2 Yale Guild of Harkness Bellringers
    J6 Jesters
    Op2 Yale Opera Association
    R9 Yale Russian Chorus
    W5 Whiffenpoofs
  Yeg5 Debating clubs (A-Z)
    1 Yale University Debating Association
    B7 Society of Brothers in Unity
    C1 Calliopean Society
    L6 Linonian Society
    P8 Pundits
  Yeg7 Literary & philological clubs (A-Z)
    At2 L'atelier
    C32 Centro Español
    C33 Cercle Français
    C5 Classical Club
    D4 Deutscher Verein
    E3 Elizabethan Club
    It1 Yale Italian Society
    K62 Kipling Club
    K64 Kit Kat Club
    L2 Language Table Association
    L6 Yale Linguistic Club
    S22 Spanish Club
  Yeg8 Other clubs (A-Z); see Yed4 for Athletic clubs and Yp19 for Faculty Club
    Ae8 Yale Aeronautical Society
    Am2 American Management Association. Yale Student Branch
    Am3 American Student Union. Yale Chapter
    Au7 Aurelian Honor Society
    Au8 Automobile Club
    Av5 Yale Aviation Club
    B52 Undergraduate Biology Club
    B77 Yale British Club
    C44 Chinese Students' Club
    C49 Yale Civil-Service Reform Club
    C62 Club (New Haven, Conn.)  
    C82 Cosmopolitan Club
    En3 Sheffield Scientific School. Engineers' Club
    F5 Yale Fishing Club
    G29 Yale Geological Club
    G291 Undergraduate Geology Club
    H29 Haunt Club
    H35 Yale Hebraic Club
    H5 B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation
    In8  International Club
    J61 John Dewey Society
    K83 Kopper Kettle Klub
    L6 Yale Liberal Club
    L9 Lycurgan Association
    M31 Society for Advancement of Management. Yale Chapter
    M38 Yale Masonic Club
    M43 Yale Mathematical Club
    M431 Undergraduate Mathematical Society
    M52 Intercollegiate Menorah Association
    M66 Yale Mineralogical Society
    M7 Miniature Tree Grower's Association
    M86 Yale Mountaineering Club
    N2 Yale Natural History Society
    N21 National Student League (U.S.). Yale Chapter
    Ou8 Yale Outing Club
    P56 Yale Photography Club
    P561 Yale Photographic Society
    P7 Pleonia. Yale Chapter
    P75 Yale Political Union
    P78 Prism (Organization)
    P94 Progressive Citizens of America. Yale Chapter
    R29 Republican Club
    R92 Yale Russian Club
    Sc18 Scarlet Sphinx Society
    Sc27 Yale Scientific Club
    So13 Social Problems Club
    So3 Yale Socialist Union
    Sp3 Yale Speleological Society
    U3 United World Federalists (U.S.). Yale Chapter
    U7 Yale University Club
    Y8 Yale Young Republican Club
  Yeg9 Preparatory school clubs i.e. Andover, Exeter, etc. (A-Z)

Religious activities 

(see Ynr for Church of Christ in Yale University)

  Yeh1 General special (compulsory chapel, etc.)
    B4 Brewster Memorial Corporation
    C53 Chaplain's Office
    W51 Wesley Foundation
  Yeh12 Bibles
  Yeh3 Yale University Christian Association
  Yeh35 Yale University Christian Association at Dwight Hall
  Yeh37 Yale University Christian Association at International Student Center
  Yeh5 Yale Hope Mission
  Yeh7   Clubs (A-Z)
B4 Berkeley Association
G8 Grenfell Association
Su7 Yale University Christian Association. Sunday Evening Club
W51 Wesley Foundation
Y6 Yale Band (Missionaries)

Special activities 

(A-Z; e.g. V6 Yale Volunteer Services Council)

  Yej5 Yale songs and music
  Yej7 Social aspects: plays, dances, etc.
  Yej8 Exhibitions (by college)
    J6 Jonathan Edwards College

Special days and events 

(A-Z; e.g. T3 Thanksgiving jubilee)

  Yek1 Freshman
    A11 Matriculation
    A12 Freshmen Assembly
    A21 Addresses, lectures, etc.
    P8 Freshman Pow-wow
    P9 Freshman Promenade
    S7 Class suppers, etc.
  Yek2 Sophomore
    B9 Burial of Euclid
    J9 Biennial jubilee
    S7 Class suppers, etc.
  Yek3 Junior
    B1 Junior Ball
    E4 Junior Exhibition
    P9 Junior Promenade
    S7 Class suppers, etc.
    W8 Wooden Spoon Exhibition
    W81 Wooden Spoon Promenade Concert
  Yek4 Senior
    B1 Commencement Ball
    D3 De Forest prize
    P9 Senior Promenade
    S7 Class suppers, etc.
  Yek5 Graduate and Professional
    A12 Assembly
YeL Presentation day  (A1-A9) 

Class days 

(by school; under each A11 program, A12 Valedictory address, etc.)

  Yem11 College
  Yem12 Sheffield
  Yem13 Medicine
    A13 Addresses, lectures, etc.
  Yem14 Divinity
  Yem15 Law
  Yem16 Fine Arts
  Yem17 Music
  Yem18 Forestry
  Yem19 Nursing


(All Official program, etc.)

Yen A17 Baccalaureate address plus 4 digit date

Convocation in honor of noted persons

(by date)

see Yjd73 for Convocations of Divinity School                        


Presidential inaugurations (by date)

Yet Other (A-Z)
  Yet A1-2 Alumni Day
  Yet B4 Bicentennial

Faculty teas, President’s receptions, etc.


Yale’s relations to other universities and institutions

i.e. Attendance at anniversary celebrations, etc., but use Yt for published collections issued in honor of another university.


Miscellaneous: scrapbooks and other collected material 

(by class); but for autograph albums use Yb71 and for diaries use Ydf