Yne-Ynx Institutions



Peabody Museum of Natural History 

(including Bingham Laboratory; see Ycz for life of Peabody and Ync for libraries)

  Yne10 Periodicals
    B5 Occasional papers of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection
    B8 Bulletin
    D63 Discovery
    D632 Discovery supplement
    M5 Memoirs of the Peabody Museum
    N47 Peabody Museum news
    +N57 Yale environmental news
    +P43 Peabody explorer
    P8 Postilla
    Sp3 Special guide
  Yne11 Bibliography
  Yne21 Trustees
  Yne31 Administration & organization. Official reports
    A2 Report of the Director
    A21 Annual report
  Yne51 History & description
  Yne71 Lectures
  Yne74 Miscellaneous publications
  Yne78 Special collections (A-Z)
    B5 Bingham Oceanographic Collection
    M3 Marsh collection
    M6 Minerals
  Yne81 Children’s Department (School Service Dept.)
    A2 Auxiliary
  Yne83 Associates

Astronomical Observatory

(see Ync for Libraries)

  Ynf10 Periodicals
    A11+ Transactions of the Astronomical Observatory
  Ynf11 Bibliography
  Ynf13 Administration & organization. Official reports
    A1 Report for the year
  Ynf15 History & description
  Ynf17 Lectures
  Ynf18 Miscellaneous publications
  Ynf19 Special collections (A-Z)

Laboratories (A-Z)

  A3 Accelerator Laboratory
  A5 Analytical Laboratory
  A7 Arthur W. Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory
  G36 Kline Geology Laboratory
  In8 Interaction Laboratory (Dept. of Sociology)
  K4 Kent Chemical Laboratory
  M3 Mason mechanical engineering laboratory
  P541-P542 Yale Center of Alcohol Studies (Applied Physiology)
  P56 Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry
  P89 Laboratories of Comparative Psychobiology
  P891 Yerkes Laboratories of Primate Biology
  P9 Yale Psychological Laboratory
  S5 Sloane Physics Laboratory
  S7 Sterling Chemistry Laboratory

Yale Computer Center


Osborn Zoological Lab   


R.O.T.C. (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

  Ynk10 Official reports
  Ynk15 General

Office for Selective Service & Veterans Affairs

  Ynk50 Official reports
  Ynk51 General

Student Army Training Corps 

(see Ydd for Yale in the World War)


N.R.O.T.C. (Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps)

  Ynl50 Periodicals
  Ynl51 General

Department of Univ​ersity Health

  Ynm10 Periodicals
    C37 Care
    N471982-83 Yale Health plan newsletter
    +N473 Yale Health matters
    N475+ Yale health care
    +N48 YHP Consumer Newsletter
    +P88 Preventative medicine newsletter
    S91/+S91 Yale Health Plan Student Handbook
  Ynm11 Bibliography
  Ynm13 Administration & organization. Official reports
    A11 Report of the director
  Ynm15 History and description
  Ynm17     Special topics (A-Z; but University Clinic Yjc93)
  I4 Infirmary
  P9 Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene Division)

University Gymnasium​

  Ynp10 Periodicals
    C686+ College gymnasium
  Ynp13 Administration & organization. Official reports
  Ynp15 History and description
  Ynp17 Special topics (A-Z); see from Yed5)
  E4 Gymnastic exhibitions;

Church of Christ in Yale University  

  Ynr10 Periodicals
  Ynr11 Bibliography
  Ynr13 Official reports
    +A2 Annual report
    A23+ Praise service
    A24+ Sunday service
    A3+ Order of worship
    A32+ Christmas carol services
    A4 Treasurer's report
    A5 Officers and resident members; Confession of faith, and covenant, of the church
  Ynr15 History and description
    1 Miscellaneous pamphlets by and about the Church of Christ in Yale University showing its policy, organization and history
  Ynr16 University preachers
    1 Pamphlets pertaining to the preachers occupying the pulpit at religious services of Yale University, including lists, announcements issued by the Church of Christ in Yale University
    C64 William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
    M19 Alexander McKenzie
  Ynr17 University sermons
  Ynr18 Battell Chapel (see also Yeh)
    1 Miscellaneous pamphlets on the history and use

Yale University Press  

  Yns10 Periodicals
    B66 Bookmarks
  Yns11 Bibliography
  Yns31 Administration & organization. Official reports
  Yns51 History and description
  Yns61 Catalogs, lists of books, announcements
  Yns71 Specimens of printing, etc.
  Yns72 Monographs (Cutter each by date, followed by author)
  Yns76       Series published by the Press (A-Z)
  B56 Bio-origins series
  B76 Studies in British art
  C46 Chronicles of America series
  C47 Chronicles of America series (Abraham Lincoln edition)
  D63 Diagonal
  E53 English poets
  H88 Human Rights Watch world report
  P14 Pageant of America
  P78 Psychoanalytic study of the child
  Y2-Y4 Yale Shakespeare

Company of College Printers


Yale Publishing A​ssociation  

  Ynt31 Administration & organization. Official reports
  Ynt51 History and description
  Ynt71 Publications (A-Z; but see Yh10 for Yale Alumni Weekly)
R3 Yale review

Yale University Far Eastern Publications, Inc.  


Other (A-Z)

  D5 Yale Dining Halls
  P7 Campus Police
  P8 Yale Post Office
  T2 Telephone Exchange & Service