Yja Yale College

Works dealing with College since its division into separate school of the University

  • Classbooks cf. Ybb
  • Clubs cf. Yeg
  • Laboratories cf. Yng
  • Libraries cf. Yna
Yja10 Periodicals (A-Z; cf. Yg Undergraduate publications)
Yja11 Bibliography
Yja31 Administration; general reports (A1-9)
B1 Special
B14 Rooms
B37 Scholarships, prizes, fellowships (A-Z) (If not restricted to College see Y31.B37)
C65 Coeducation
D2 Committee on Summer Term
E7 Office on Education of Women
Yja41 College Plan (A1-9: official reports)
Yja43 Individual Colleges (A-Z)
T4 T4 Timothy Dwight
Yja51 General, including history (Note: Works dealing with early history of the University when college was entire organization, are to be classed with general University in Yd) 
Yja55 Admissions
Yja57 Exams and tests (within year’s course)
Yja61 Special; laws, rules, etc.
Yja65 Curriculum; courses of study (A11-19)
Yja71 Lectures (cf. Y71 University lectures)
Yja75 Honors and Degrees​ 
Yja81 Catalogs, etc.
Yja83 Timetables, schedules, etc. (A11-19)
Yja85 Directories (limited to College. A11-29)
Yja9 Miscellaneous printed forms