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July 9, 2008

Twentieth Century Advice Literature: North American Guides on Race, Sex, Gender and the Family

The Library now has electronic access to Twentieth Century Advice Literature: North American Guides on Race, Sex, Gender and the Family. This database produced by Alexander Street Press focuses on gender roles and relations, American consumerism, changes in reaction to each major war, class relations, and adjustments to new technology, among many other topics. The collection includes traditionally published items, including how-to books and guides; professional manuals, such as employee manuals; society publications, including sorority and fraternity pledge manuals and Boy Scout and Girl Scout manuals; textbooks; teacher-training and course manuals; commercial literature; and government instruction manuals for a variety of workplaces and industries.

Posted by Tam Rankin on July 9, 2008 3:24 PM

The Silk Road

Tang Dynasty robe, excavated in the Caucasus.
Hermitage Museum, St. Peterburg, Russia

The Silk Road
July 1 - September 30
Sterling Memorial Library
120 High Street, New Haven, Connecticut

This exotic name for the trade routes, or rather the trade networks, connecting China with the Mediterranean and Mongolia with India was only invented in the nineteenth century. However, trade and cultural exchange has flourished along these routes for millennia, in spite of natural barriers, such as the tallest mountains in Asia, vast deserts, frequent earthquakes, not to mention different languages, religions and cultures. Archaeological excavations in China and the Middle East show us the extent to which ideas, designs and forms were exchanged already in the 2nd millennium BC.

On display are photographs and objects from the Babylonian Collection. The exhibition is free and open to the public during regular library hours.

Posted by Tam Rankin on July 9, 2008 3:40 PM

Annual Report of the University Librarian 2006-2007

The Annual Report of the University Librarian 2006-2007 has been released and is available online in pdf format.

Posted by Tam Rankin on July 9, 2008 3:46 PM

July 11, 2008

Library Staff Association Food Drive

Each year, the Library Staff Association (LiSA) holds a food drive to benefit the Connecticut Food Bank, a local organization that works with corporations, community organizations, and individuals to solicit, transport, warehouse and distribute donated food. This year's drive will begin Monday, July 14th and end on Friday, August 1st. The "Virtual Food Drive" website created for the Yale University Library makes it even easier to donate "food" or funds to the Connecticut Food Bank. Last year, Library staff donated a total of 1,060 pounds of food, the equivalent of 815 meals.

Posted by Tam Rankin on July 11, 2008 10:22 AM

July 17, 2008

Latin American Public Opinion Project

Survey datasets from LAPOP, the Latin American Public Opinion Project, are now accessible to Yale faculty, affiliated researchers, staff, and students. You can access LAPOP via the Library's StatCat site.

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Posted by Yale University Library on July 17, 2008 9:38 AM

July 31, 2008

New Netcast: The Gutenberg Bible at the Beinecke

In "The Gutenberg Bible at the Beinecke,” Dr. William Whobrey, Assistant Dean of Yale College and Lecturer in Germanic Languages and Literature, discusses Johannes Gutenberg, Yale's copy of the Gutenberg Bible, and the significance of the invention of moveable type. See a folio from Yale's Gutenberg Bible and download or listen free to this Netcast via the Beinecke's Blogs & Podcasts page or Yale's iTunesU web site.

Posted by Rebekah Irwin on July 31, 2008 8:50 AM

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