Library Committees

Digital Collections Systems Advisory Group (DCSAG)


The Digital Collections Systems Advisory Group (DCSAG) will provide recommendations to the advisory group sponsors on behalf of library users (client and patron) of digital collections systems to fulfill the vision established by Digital Collections Access & Discovery System Committee:

In support of the Mission and Vision of Yale University Library, we will provide all users the means to discover, access, and re-use of all our digital collections, regardless of format, utilizing an intuitive and unified user experience.

We will use these guiding principles to accomplish our vision:

  • Our digital collections platform will be interoperable, extensible and sustainable.
  • Access and discovery to our digital collections will comply with international metadata, content and accessibility standards.
  • All tools and interfaces will be designed according to the needs of our diverse users (including staff), libraries, and collection.
  • We will provide ongoing, programmatic support for our digital collections services.
  • We will provide collection access to the broadest possible audience while adhering to all of Yale’s policies, including copyright, privacy, and donor restrictions.


Director, Manuscripts and Archives: Chris Weideman

AUL, Arts and Humanities: Allen Townsend

Senior Director, Library Information Technology: Dale Hendrickson

AUL, Special Collections: Michelle Light

Committee Members

Lovins, Daniel Director of Resource Discovery Service (Chair)
Hendrickson, Dale Senior Director, Library IT
Manton, Jonathan Music Librarian for Digital & Access Services
King, Lindsay Associate Director, Robert B Haas Family Arts Library, Acces
Clemens, Alison Assistant Head, Arrangement and Description, MSSA
Appleby, Michael Library IT, Director, Software Engineering (Chair)
McCarthy, Christine Director of Preservation and Conservation Services
Ouellette, George Library IT, Digital Collections & Repository Service Manager
Shetenhelm, Summer
Technical Lead, Digital Collections
Tudesco, Sarah Program Director, Assessment & User Experience Research
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